back to article Oracle grabs Tekelec for telco assault

Oracle has added another network-focused tech company to its business as Ellison & Co. try to takeover the IT stacks of telecommunications companies. The acquisition of Tekelec was announced on Monday, and follows Oracle buying unified communications specialists Acme Packet for $2.1bn in early February. Oracle will add …


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  1. Restless

    Rubs eyes

    Did anyone else misread that as "Oracle grabs Teletext" and thought they'd finally won back the franchise?

  2. Down not across Silver badge

    Guess Ellison needs a new yacht again

    "the acquisition means when they next go to look at their technology Ellison & Co will look back at them from a broader part of their stack than before"

    ...and with largely inflated price no doubt. Targeting products telcos already use is bit like exchequer targeting smokers.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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