back to article Syrian hacktivists hijack BBC Weather feed

Syrian hacktivists took over the BBC Weather Twitter account on Thursday afternoon. Instead of getting the usual updates such as "partly cloudy over the British Isles with a chance of rain later" the 60,000 followers of the @BBCWeather account on Twitter were confronted with a series of bizarre messages. These updates included …


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  1. Mage

    But, But

    Why are the BBC wasting time and people on Twitter at all?

    They have their own IT and Servers. Why do they continually promote Twitter? Do they think people can't use the Internet?

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. John Robson Silver badge

      Re: But, But

      From a consumer perspective it's probably nice to have a single reference for all of your "alerts from".

      So an idle account which follows all your software providers emergency patch people etc could be handy. Of course you could put it together or use that good old fashioned "e-mail"...

      1. TeeCee Gold badge

        Re: But, But

        From a consumer perspective it's probably nice to have a single reference for all of your "alerts from".

        So the point of Tw@ter is actually to provide RSS feeds for those too terminally thick to master the manifold intricacies[1] of subscribing to RSS feeds?

        [1] i.e. "click here".

        1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

          Re: But, But

          Two things - RSS has no push mechanism and polling is resource intensive; but I think the real reason for people staying away from RSS is the inability to forward stuff to the friends with important comments like "OMG!", "LOL!", etc.

    3. Petr0lhead

      Re: But, But

      "Do they think people can't use the Internet?"

      Its seems a growing proportion can't - if it ain't on facebook or twitter it doesn't exist.

    4. Wzrd1

      Re: But, But

      Well, Twitter appears to be ideal for short messages, such as "Rain as usual".

      I say appears, as I still refuse to use Twitter.

  2. Robin


    Weather forecasts involving camels and chemical weapons are probably more accurate than normal ones. I'd imagine.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Just unfortunate that the article doesn't tell if the camel survived the head-on collision, now I won't be able to sleep this evening ;-)

      1. Tequila Joe

        Re: @Robin

        ...doesn't tell if the camel survived the head-on collision

        Just a couple of bumps. Pretty much as expected with Camel Sense Multiple Arabs with Collision Detection?

    2. JimC

      Re: Fish

      Poor Fish really doesn't altogether deserve the grief he gets for that. It wasn't a hurricane, it was a very severe storm. As a rule of thumb peak wind speeds in a storm are about double the average wind speed, and the great storm saw peak wind speeds at the same strength as average speed of a hurricane. The peak wind speeds in a real hurricane are far far greater. If we ever get a real hurricane going through southern England the damage will be unbelievable and maybe folk will appreciate a bit better what its like in real hurricane areas...

    3. Wzrd1

      Re: Fish

      If nothing else, at least one gets a chuckle over such "reports".

      It sure beats, "Surprise! Rain again."

      Or rain with fog.

      Or fog with rain.

  3. Select * From Handle

    I read the title

    and i first thought that had been hijacked, but upon opening the link and seeing the twitter image i was a little disappointed :(

  4. ukgnome

    At least when in the hands of the miscreants the weather forecast is more accurate.

  5. Andy Roid McUser
    Paris Hilton

    No need for the twitter feed

    Today the weather in Blighty will be cold and shitty, followed by bouts of rain and economic gloom ( repeat )

    Today the weather in Syria will be sunny and 20 Deg C, with bouts of bloodshed, oppression and international apathy. ( Same tomorrow )

    And in Paris.... well we've all seen the video. Hot and nasty.

  6. Anonymous Coward


    They also hacked Radio Ulster twitter.

    Home of Steven Nolan, who tries to get sense from fundamentalist local politicians, and Hugo Duncan, who's first reponse after the budget broadcast yesterday was 'Skiddlydee'.

  7. Electric Panda


    This seems to be happening about 320549 times every day now.

    I got downvoted the last time for this, but I still believe Twitter needs look at two-factor auth, especially for high profile verified accounts. Either that or set more stringent password requirements.

    Downvotes away.

    1. Mage

      Re: Again?

      Yes, that's one solution.

      The other is to ignore it and facebook leave it to folks that want to be spied on, be egotistical and wash their smalls in public.

      If I'm really publishing important stuff, surely people using RSS in their Email Client makes more sense that giving an Advertising Parasite a monopoly. The BBC really needs Twitter to Publish? It's lazy journalists and bad management. Article about Twitter on R5 PM today too.

      1. Wzrd1

        Re: Again?

        Now, now. I had a good reason to use Facebook.

        While I was deployed, I used Facebook to see pictures of my brand new granddaughter.

        Now that I've retired from the military, I have very little use for it. If I want to see my grandchildren, I go and visit them. They're only ten minutes away in heavy traffic. :)

  8. jai

    so it's the Syrian's that are to blame for the snow coming down outside the window this morning? damn their eyes!!!

  9. TeeCee Gold badge

    "...a desire to push out propaganda..."

    Now the thing about propaganda is that it should be at least vaguely believable to have any effect.

    1. Yag

      Re: "...a desire to push out propaganda..."

      Not... Really.

      Propaganda is also used to demonize/ridiculize the opposing side and to enhance your own side image (by passing as a bunch of funny fellows for example).

      ADDENDUM : Due to the overload of propaganda from both side (the famous Syrian Human Rights Committee is rumored to be nothing more than a propaganda office of the opposition), I'ld prefer NOT starting a flame war on this stuff.

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