1. Kubla Cant Silver badge

    Android in cars

    Why don't car manufacturers use Android devices in cars?**

    These days most cars have a sort-of-computer in the dashboard. Compared with a cheap smartphone or tablet, the UI is crap and the range of applications dismal. It's like the era when every computer came with a proprietary operating system.

    Obviously it would be desirable to separate the Android system from the system that controls critical functions in the vehicle. This in itself would be no bad thing: a year or so ago, El Reg referenced a piece of work where researchers were easily able to take remote control of the brakes and accelerator in a car, largely because the critical systems co-exist with things like the entertainment system.

    **Maybe they do, and I haven't heard.

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  3. Equine

    You compare the experience to the times when most software was proprietary- this is probably the very reason that manufacturers don't want to use android. Keeping your software(and hardware, of course) closed source and very hush-hush also tends to keep your competition from one-upping you right away. Because as far as I can tell, android would be perfect for control, display, and entertainment,and it would cost less to make. The car I expected to use android, the Tesla Model S, actually uses RIM's(formerly) QNX OS, but it has fantastic response, and the UI is great. At CES(Obviously not guaranteeing anything), there were plenty of auto manufacturers showing off new android-based instrumentation, along with a couple Tizen ones too. Just gotta give it time I guess.

  4. Phil W

    Third Party

    Manufacturers don't put Android in cars that I'm aware of, but you can get head units with Android on. All of the ones I've seen are double din so you'd need a car with that capacity, but there may be some single ones.

    I've considered getting one, but having my phone or tablet in a cradle is just as easy to use, and less faff.

  5. Chargepoint

    Charge point Vehicle

    Now a days there are different kinds of Android software are available which really make a difference in one's life. same as EV charge point is one of the best example of it. do look it up and review it. you will defiantly impressed by such kind of software.

  6. Chairo

    Smart cars

    Car makers are working quite hard on putting more connectivity into their vehicles. It's an enormous future market and is still largely undeveloped.

    As for the OS, I doubt that Android will be first choice. A system must be extremely rugged and reliable to run in a car. Automotive hardware has temperature, vibration, EMC and lifetime requirements that are not so far from MIL spec. As for the software it needs to be VERY stable. If you want to allow in drive usage, you'll also have to consider usability, the dashboard layout, your existing design philosophy, Interfaces to the engine computer, diagnostics, Navigation, etc.

    This is a huge work. Far different from taking some 7inch Android tablet and bolting it on the dashboard.

    Given the market size and the requirements, there is enough room for the development of more specialised custom OSes. No doubt there will be some kind of standard at the end. For example check out the CCC, which is working on something like that.

    Of course no one will stop you from doing just that - buy a car holder and slap in some 7inch Android tablet or phablet. You'll have full freedom what to install, how to use it and with who to share your data.

    Just make sure you don't leave it in the vehicle over night in a Scandinavian winter or during daytime in a hot summer.

    As for myself - I don't really want a car that sends my position, driving behaviour and all kind of engine and safety parameters back to the government or whoever else. But then again, I am probably too old to fit in the horde.

  7. Wize

    Going by the price some charge to update their built in Sat-Nav (Vauxhaull charge over £100 for singe update that comes out once per year) I am not surprised they are taking their time to move to a platform that allows other people's software on their systems.

    I hope that when they do allow interconnection they have some sort of separation between the car controls and the satnav/entertainment system. If the systems were joined it wouldn't be too tricky to make a malicious app that unlocks your car for thieves or engages your immobiliser when you do above 65 on a motorway.

  8. helalsun

    Thanks author for sharing this information

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