back to article Rackspace: Why we're designing our own cloud servers

Any cloud computing provider that wants to operate at scale and compete against its peers is under pressure to build some kind of custom hardware. It may, in fact, be necessary to compete at all. That is what Rackspace, which is making the transition from website hosting to cloud systems, believes. And that's why the San …


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  1. pipp


    Does it make anyone else shudder to read that word?

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  2. Moof

    As a Rackspace User ...

    I had a lot of issues initially with the robustness of Rackspace's switches, but since their major update in the beginning of December, I've been very pleased overall. We moved to the cloud for several reasons, and overall, we are very pleased with the 8VMs we have running. Out of any of the major cloud providers, I'd recommend Rackspace over any others.

  3. Roland6 Silver badge

    So where does that leave HP and Dell?

    Either start producing appropriate cloud server platforms or loss the market.

    What I find interesting is the number of independent IT businesses that have been building servers for their clients for years, because they are easier to support. Which would seem to indicate that either the markets traditional server vendors have been engaged with are large and highly profitable and/or they are blind to the changes that are happening.

  4. IT Hack

    Its all marketing guff

    I would totally lurve to hear Engates define "cloud".

    Pint to make me less liable to laugh. Well we are talking about "cloud" right?

  5. bigdata
    Thumb Up

    Rackspace is behind the curve if they're still using spinning discs. Having Quanta build them saves them 15%, which is no savings since there's no support.

    This is the last leg of spinning discs. CIOs aren't knowledgeable enough about flash storage so they try to cut box costs by buying from China. OCP is hardware communism, so everyone gets the same lousy generic performance. Performance needs tweaking. You don;t get performance by buying cheaper boxes.

    I don't see how getting rid of a few unnecessary ports speeds up IO, reduce latency, and cut power usage and footprint.

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