back to article Nelson Mandela's island prison hell to become game

Computer game violence continues to raise hackles around the world, having been fingered as a cause of gun violence in the USA and suggested as an underminer of civility just about everywhere else. What to make, therefore, of an imminent game that will simulate nearly two decades of imprisonment and mind-numbing labour on a …


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  1. Don Jefe
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    If I were held prisoner for that long and someone made a game that claimed to simulate my experience I would be insulted and really pissed off. There is no way a piece of software can emulate that experience.

    That being said, if you are going to do something really demeaning and insulting to someone, it's best to do it to someone with a philosophy of forgiveness.

    Whoever it was at the EU that gave this the green light should be sacked & sent to a prison island for three decades.

    1. M Gale

      Re: Stupid

      I'm sure WW2 veterans are united in their anger at the Medal of Honour franchise.

      Or not.

      1. Thomas 4

        Re: Stupid

        Medal of Honour fans are united in their anger at the Medal of Honour franchise, at least as far as Warfighter goes.

  2. Charles Manning

    Games are never realistic

    They are not educational, they are entertainment.

    A "realistic" Robben Island game would be as boring as hell. 27 years of breaking rocks (clicking the mouse) is not going to be fun. They'd have to insert so many off-script modifications to make it fun that it would no longer be realistic or educational.

    The same pretty much goes for all FPS games. Real war is generally very tedious and only a tiny fraction of soldiers get to fire a weapon in anger and then only very few will get a kill. Again, a "realistic" FPS would be so damn boring nobody would buy it.

    1. M Gale

      Re: Games are never realistic

      "Again, a "realistic" FPS would be so damn boring nobody would buy it."

      The Arma (previously Operation Flashpoint before some kind of kerfuffle over naming rights) series? Your character gets shot, he's probably dead. If he's not dead, he's rolling around on the floor screaming for help. If your medic gets shot on the way over, or if you both get shot while he tries to manhandle you to a safe spot.. well, too bad. Yeah, the medic isn't a miracle worker either. You'll never get fully healed by magic, though you might be able to stand up and sort-of-maybe aim the gun. Which in the case of an arm injury will wobble all over the place and cause all kinds of flashing red "this hurt like hell" warnings when you pull the trigger and it recoils practically straight up.

      Oh, and plinking tanks with small arms fire will not steadily reduce their health to popping level. You need a sodding big rocket launcher for that, and even then you need a really good aim.

      I wouldn't call it boring. Nintendo-Hard perhaps.

    2. Dave 62

      Re: Games are never realistic

      I don't think it's supposed to be fun, I think it's a gimmick ;)

    3. daveeff

      Re: Games are never realistic

      > 27 years of breaking rocks (clicking the mouse) is not going to be fun.

      My son seems to spend a lot of time doing just that on minecraft

    4. jubtastic1
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      Re: Games are never realistic

      Houdy Charles Manning! come be my friend in Robben Islandville where you can break rocks, endure degradation and develop a new philosophical outlook!

      'Robben Islandville' and 'years of fun' are registered trademarks of Apartheid Games Ltd

  3. Katie Saucey

    "...27 years of breaking rocks (clicking the mouse) is not going to be fun."

    World of WarCraft as a political reprogramming tool then? Yeah, bad joke. I agree with Don Jefe, this is really stupid.

  4. NomNomNom

    If you manage to find the rocket launcher and jump nelson up to the quad damage on the prison roof you can pretty much wipe the map and win in 10 minutes

    1. M Gale

      You sir, win one (1) free Internets.

    2. andy mcandy

      upvoted purely for rocketjumping and quad damage comments. Now if you had managed to get the grapple in there too that would have been a full house :)

  5. Frumious Bandersnatch

    will it have an easter egg mini game

    where you get to hunt for various butterflies and cut and paste bits together to make something that looks like a rare breed?

    Oh wait... Nelson Mandela... sorry wrong "stuck on an island prison" trope...

    (ok, sorry for being so crass and flippant about a great man's suffering... at least I didn't mention the Nissan Main Dealer joke, errr.....)

  6. John Smith 19 Gold badge


    Free Nelson Mandelal

    With every 10 packet tops.

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