back to article Netflix cracks wallet to spur open source cloud development

Netflix wants its open source software to become the preferred platform for massive cloud-based applications, so it has launched a cash-conferring contest to generate developer enthusiasm for its technology. The Netflix OSS Cloud Prize was announced by the company at an event in Los Gatos, California, on Wednesday evening. The …


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  1. Bernard

    just where could it go?


    I can see how the AWS model is a capex free way to grow their business to scale, but with a few years of reliable multi-million user traffic stats I'd think they could save a pile over 5-10 years by building their own datacentres. I'd be surprised if they're not already recruiting with that in mind for the long term.

    The big thing you'd need to make that possible is a pool of developers who are familiar with and enthusiastic about your software and the kinds of problems you need to solve so that you can rapidly replicate the AWS features you rely on in an inhouse setup. I wonder how they could solve that?

    Oh, look, they're running a competition.

    1. Davehhhhh

      Re: just where could it go?

      >>Oh, look, they're running a competition.

      Didn't someone once say "if you're not being paid then you're making the product."?

      Oh no, that's not quite right....

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: just where could it go?

      I don't think it would be cost-effective for Netflix to migrate to using in-house datacentres. Remember that Netflix, considering both the size of their AWS use, and the endorsement that their use of AWS shows, they're unlikely to be paying list price.

      Replicating the core features of AWS isn't hard. For EC2, and S3, you'd simply install something like Eucalyptus. It just isn't cost effective, since by the time you're at the size where it would be, then you're probably big enough to negotiate a considerable discount with Amazon for the real AWS.

      [Disclosure: I used to work for Amazon, and still own shares there ]

  2. Bobthe2nd

    The new outsourcing model

    Is this the new outsourcing model, prize money payable on delivery and only if we like it!

    No result, no cost... Interesting method

  3. ArthurKinnell

    How about linux support

    Instead of trying to get some free development how about actually supporting Linux?

  4. Brandon Man

    Some of the new IAAS providers who are coming at this not from a start-up mentality but are big infrastructure providers who are turning their assets over to pure massively scaleable computing resources. Interoute is one such company in Europe who I think often claims the likes of Amazon as customer's so if they can sell to them they can probably compete?

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