back to article Irish Senator suggests net users register passport and IP address

A Parliamentary committee hearing in the Republic of Ireland on “the abuse of social media and cyber-bullying” has heard a proposal to control trolls and other unsavoury online creatures by registering internet users with their passport numbers or IP addresses. The Committee also heard an idea to charge internet users to …


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  1. koolholio

    Autonomous systems...

    To the comment-bay! lol

  2. Anonymous Coward

    In other news, id cards passports to be compulsory.

    1. Tim Bates

      Yep... I personally don't have a passport. Never needed it.

      Of course I'm in Australia anyway, so these laws won't effect me... Until I want to post on an Irish website. Or until Julia decides it's a flaming fantastic idea.

  3. frank ly

    A better idea

    Every politician should have to pay to make public statements, of any kind. In the comfort of their Parliament building (or whatever it's called locally) it would be free to brain fart all day, among their own kind.

  4. AlmightyCushion

    Irish person here. Just to clear things up a little, Senators in Ireland have no real powers. They act purely as advisors to the government. While there are some smart people in the Seanad, there are also plenty of idiots and, as you can imagine, she falls into the latter group. Thankfully, no one with any real power will even bother to consider this.

  5. Elmer Phud

    Charges to the Reg?

    How much is my fee for sparking off long threads about Mac/V's MS or one of the interminable penguin fancier noise fests?

    After all, if the Reg is gonna charge the punters I ought to get a slice.

    Troll icon as a badge of honour for services to the Reg?

  6. Brent Longborough
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    The luck of the Irish

    Wow, in your country do you have one IP address *each*? That's brilliant.


    Freedom of speech

    ... with a price list? :(

  8. David 45


    I don't have a passport and does everybody now have to have a fixed IP address?...........Next crackpot, please!

  9. Tim Bates

    Who's charging though? And who's IP address is it?

    I understand the idea behind pay-per-post... But who wins there? Is it a government fee? Does the website just pocket it? And since the internet is international, would this mean all websites available in Ireland suddenly need to have credit card facilities?

    And just who's passport do you register for a company or school that does NAT and all users share an address? Does the head of the school get dragged off to gaol if little Billy sits down at lunch time and uses the school computers to harass the nerd in his class via Facebook?

  10. Pete the not so great
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