back to article NTT Docomo leads 5G push with 10Gbps uplink tests

Japanese operator NTT Docomo has successfully tested uplink packet transmissions at an uber-fast 10Gbps, hundreds of times quicker than the 4G services only just beginning to roll out across North America and Europe. The outdoor experiment was conducted in collaboration with the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Okinawa’s …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another way to fleece the customer with charges.

    EE are you watching.

  2. Chris Miller


    So, I'll be able to have a service that drains my battery and exhausts my annual data cap in 45 seconds,all for only £200 per month? Where do I sign?

    I expect Neelie Kroes will be along in a minute with a few billion € to subsidise research into this exciting new opportunity.

    1. John Stirling

      Re: Fantastic

      You are entirely correct - these fast data services are just a clever ruse. I have refused to use any phone capable of more than GPRS - everything else is just a clever ploy to confuse me. 114 Kbps should be (more than) enough for anybody. I'm still using 14.4 at home, and that allows me to surf almost without restriction. Of course I do have to stop the browser downloading anything except text, but really what advances have there been in the last 15 years which don't simple detract from a good 'all your bases are belong to us' meme?

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