back to article Intel takes on all Hadoop disties to rule big data munching

Look out Cloudera, MapR Technologies, EMC, Hortonworks, and IBM: Intel is the new elephant in the room. Intel has been dabbling for the past two years with its own distribution of the Hadoop stack, and starting in the second quarter it will begin selling services for its own variant of the Hadoop big data muncher. Intel is not …


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  1. Charles Manning

    First Intel expand, next they will shrink

    Intel operates in waves, as dictated by Wall St.

    Intel diversify into all sorts of effort then as soon as they cock up a few quarters, their investors tell them to pull their heads in and "focus on core competence". Intel then sheds all their non x86 efforts and stays x86 focussed for a year or so then starts to build up again...

    That has been the Intel Way for years and there is no reason it will be any different this time.

    During the late 1980s Intel had a massive tilt at embedded computing. 8051, i960, etc etc... Then in the 1990s the got into StrongARM and xscale which they then sold off to Marvel.

    They have invested, then cut flash memory efforts many times.

    Why should it be any different this time?

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    1. ToddRundgren

      Re: Linux for Big Data systems


      Do you have nothing better to do?

  3. Critical

    Animal crossing...

    More of a gorilla than an elephant, shirley?

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