back to article Samsung, Visa in pay-by-bonk tie up

Samsung and Visa have inked an agreement to pre-load the card giant’s payWave application on selected Samsung devices, with the upcoming Galaxy S4 slated to be the first built-in pay-by-bonk Visa device. The deal would enable NFC-based mobile payments without involvement from carriers. Instead, the Visa provisioning service …


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  1. Wedge

    Australia getting the first to trial something? Unheard of !!

    Let's hope Google Australia is listening..

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Relax, it's not sex robots, just The Man, keeping you on your knee's, pleasuring Himself.

  2. Alan Firminger

    If you had it on American Express it made a lasting impression.

  3. cs94njw

    Galaxy S4?

    Um... hello? Galaxy S3 is still here... and has NFC inside it... er... HELLO!?

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