back to article Google in cloud-support price war with Amazon, Microsoft

Google has updated its cloud support packages, and in doing so has opened up another front in its cloud pricing war with Amazon and Microsoft. The four support packages across the Google Cloud Platform — which comprises App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, BigQuery, and other public-facing services — let …


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  1. WibbleMe

    Pratical World

    I'm a web developer and have recent looked into cloud hosting, and I have to stay Rack space is easy, Amazon is a little more complex but still understandable, but with Google even though I have gone and looked at the Apps like NoSQLsearch the web, looked on youtube etc I am still confused as *** to even if you CAN host a website such as Wordpress on their service with out even questioning how to implement, so really Amazon wins hands hows for simplicity if the two ever really go head to head,

    1. Marlons

      Re: Pratical World

      In addition to Amazon giving you full free access to trial pretty much everything. Google has just pulled their free apps for new signups, and I agree I cannot work out if/how to host with them either (Wordpress or other).

      Amazon EC2 free tier, + 30GB storage free + RDS + Route53 for redundancy = 12 months free playing and they have me slightly tied in if I fill it all up (currently using it as a backup from my own vms)

      1. clean_state

        Re: Pratical World

        App Engine has a free quota: 28 instance/hours per day + other free limits.

        App Engine is a PaaS. It runs Python, Java and Go. Running the php-based WordPress is possible through Quercus (a Java implementation of PHP) but it's not 1-click.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It's hardly surprising that Google don't publish a sticker price for that top tier support. For a support package costing upward of $15,000 a month enterprises are going to expect to negotiate content as well as price; a sticker price would be meaningless and more likely to cause resentment than simply recognising that everything's negotiable at that level. That's business.

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