back to article France Telecom takes huge profit hit after swallowing €1.8bn writedown

Telecoms is not the fat market it once was as the low spend in the UK 4G auction showed today, and Euro telco giant France Telecom has also felt the pain. The former French monopoly telco had to write down €1.84bn on units in Poland, Egypt and Romania, which was partly to blame for the hefty 79 per cent plunge in profits year-on …


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  1. Steve Todd

    €1.2bn of that reduction in profits

    Is listed against a part time working deal for employees near retirement age. They must have a lot of old staff on their books.

  2. Dan 55 Silver badge

    What would Hans Snook make of it?

    The only innovation Orange has seen since FT bought it is in billing and new depths of marketing. If anything they should sell it all and release it from their death grip.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Not unexpected

    When you experience their service and attitude to their customers its no wonder their profits are down.

    They don't realise there are alternatives now, both cheaper, faster with good customer service,

    so the trend downward will continue.

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