back to article Telstra shed fried in fire

A bushfire on Kangaroo Island in South Australia has destroyed a Telstra street-side exchange. While the South Australian Country Fire Service says the fire has now been contained, the 70-hectare fire burned through grass and scrub, causing extensive smoke and fire damage to this exchange building: The Cygnet River Exchange …


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  1. Denarius Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    that s a big shed for Telstra

    many of these around country lanes in not so remote locations. Usually more solidly constructed though At least they have a telstra shed meaning the possibility of communications.BTW, where is Paris ? Has she grown up ?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    People hate on Telstra

    Why? It might be a PITA that this thing comes from Sydney but can you see your favourite carrier/ISP being able to do the same? Could they recover as well from a disaster such as Warrnambool?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: People hate on Telstra

      Yeah in a country some several parsecs long and wide, they keep them handy in a place that is as remote to all other exchanges as they can be.

      And while it's a trailer mounted module, I doubt that they will ever go to the effort of airlifting any of them, to places that have the roads cut by flooding etc..

      So 4 days 24/7 driving to the far north west..... and when we get to about half way there, we can stop and then camp by the side of a flooded river for 6 weeks...

      And while the customers try to ring us every day for the while 7 or 8 weeks, we of course (Telstra) will have no record of their calls - because the phones are not working! "Perfect!"

      In the meantime, we will charge them line AND phone rental, and when they want to dispute the bill we will say, "While the contract does say we are responsible for the lines from your house to the exchange, it says nothing about there not being an exchange, or even one that does not work - so all you customers owe us $2797 in call out fees."

      Yeah Fuck Telstra.

      1. Oddb0d

        Re: People hate on Telstra

        If Karma exists Telstra's techs will find out one of Sealink's dirty little secrets namely that you can't just roll up to Cape Jervis and buy a ticket, they have to be pre-booked.

        Logistics? Monopolies? Yeah we've heard of them...

  3. Knoydart


    How loudly does the mobile exchange purrrrrrrrrrrrrr whist running?

  4. Argus Tuft

    not just pussys

    they also have COW's (Cell on Wheels) - a mobile cell station for additional mobile capacity at events, or to cover for disasters/damage like this.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not just the exchange

    The shed was also the Kangaroo Island:

    - Mechanics Hall,

    - Country Women's Assoc,

    - Tax office,

    - Post Office Agency, and

    - Wild Life Rescue Centre (weekends only).

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