back to article VMTurbo 'invisible hand' control freak grabs more virty servers

There are a lot of tools out there to allow system administrators to monitor the various aspects of virtual computing capacity and help them figure out how to manage its use. But VMTurbo wants to get humans out of the way and automate the allocation of resources using the "invisible hand" of market economics - pushing the admins …


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  1. ecofeco Silver badge

    VC - Virtual Cloud

    The 2 WORST things that ever happened to computing: VM and cloud.

    We will live to regret these.

    1. Tom 35

      Re: VC - Virtual Cloud

      The biggest problem with cloud is marketing sticking the name cloud on everything that connects to a network to the point that it has lost any useful meaning.

    2. pixl97

      Re: VC - Virtual Cloud

      Please explain why VM is the worst thing to happen to computing again? Why at some point in the future am I going to regret it, hell I regret not going to it sooner. Or is this just mixing VM and cloud together? Since I run my own VM servers I can balance out the need for IO and CPU, this has lead to far fewer servers and great cost reductions in the amount of systems I need. Instant snapshots (and the ability to back them up easily) has made system administration far easier. Being able to move guests easily or spinning up a second copy from a snapshot is something I only dreamed about 10 years ago.

      That said I don't do much cloud stuff, but.. If I need a lot of extra capacity very quickly it is extremely easy to start up a number of instances and then shut them down again. There are a number of things I don't put in the could though to avoid HIPAA and other regulations.

  2. K

    I felt like that 6 years ago when Dell tried shoveling me early versions of ESX, I told them stick it cause I felt it wasn't the matured enough - 4 years later, I virtualized our complete operation.

    Moral of the story - Keep an open mind :)

  3. frank ly

    Wheel - turn - full circle

    Does this mean that to save budgets, people will be organising work into overnight batch jobs?

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