back to article Irony alert: Pirate Bay accuses anti-piracy group of illegal copying

The Pirate Bay has claimed it will sue Finland's main anti-piracy pressure group, theCopyright Information and Anti-Piracy Centre(CIAPC), after the group illegally copied code from their Swedish neighbors. "We are outraged by this behavior," a spokesman told TorrentFreak in what must surely be the spirit of irony. "People must …


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  1. jaduncan


    Yes, it is intentionally ironic. I think that the 75% of the article where you pretended not to get this was a bit pointless.

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    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Yes

      I think it was ok for the Reg to drop the punch lines in the second half of the article. It keeps in the spirits of holding a straight face and waiting for the opposition to break under their own Reductio ad absurdum.

    3. CmdrX3
      Big Brother

      Quite so

      When I read about this on torrent freak, to me it was pretty obvious they were pointing out the irony and double standards of anti-piracy organisations and mocking the horror, outrage and lets sue stance that those organisations like to take. [Removed this bit because obviously that viewpoint isn't allowed.... someone has a very thin skin perhaps?]

  2. Graham Marsden
    Big Brother


    ... ITYM Hypocrisy from the people who are trying to enforce laws which are to the benefit of the Media Companies' obsolete business models.

    1. PyLETS

      Re: Irony...?

      Big Media are not concerned about keeping the law . They buy the best laws money can buy, paid for by campaign contributions to politicians who support them and by providing less favourable coverage to those who don't. They are the law, so far as they seem concerned, and see themselves as being at liberty to break it when it suits them, e.g. as with the Sony rootkit, which also reused materials in violation of copyright not belonging to them, regardless also of the Computer Misuse Act implications.

      As to the Pirate Bay suing them for enforcement of their IP, who is going to act in court for a group big media have paid to have turned into a fugitive organisation ?

      Welcome to the new serfdom, my friends, and hail our new corporate overlords.

  3. mark l 2 Silver badge

    Surely if they are hotlinking the content from the piratebay website its easy to use a few htaccess lines to replace what they are hotlinking with some porn images.

    I have done this before to bandwidth hogs that have hotlinked images from my sites without permission, it doesn't take them long to remove the image once you do that

    1. Stephen 2

      They're not hotlinking it

      They copied the file locally. It's hosted on their own server.

      1. El Presidente

        Re: They're not hotlinking it

        AKA publishing.

  4. Sir Runcible Spoon


    Hoist with their own petard....argggh.

    1. Fatman

      Re: Hoist with their own petard....argggh.


      Just hang them (the rights org) by the balls from the mast of the Pirate Bay.

  5. hplasm

    har har!

    +10 Internets to TPB!


    1. robin48gx

      Re: har har!

      Whats worse than being raped by ten pirates ?

      Being fingered by captian hook !

      1. BeerTokens

        Re: har har!

        That'll be new keyboard. Thanks.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Piratebay have stated they're just doing this for fun on their Twitter account.

    1. Brewster's Angle Grinder Silver badge
      Thumb Down

      That's a shame. They should follow through—while laughing out the sides of their mouths—as it would waste the CIAPC's resources and rub salt into the CIAPC's hypocrisy; one of the best defences against rules is applying them consistently and to the letter. (The second is the Chewbacca defence, obviously.)

      And, for the record, you can be in favour of copyright and still think enforcement groups that target little girls are wankers.

      1. Anonymous Coward


        "...still think enforcement groups that target little girls are wankers."

        Did you really just say that?

  7. Steen Hive


    Still waiting for the armed thugs to barge in and impound all their Beelzebub-stickered computers. What's good enough for little girls is good enough for corrupt minions.

    1. Fatman

      Re: barge in and impound all their Beelzebub-stickered computers

      Now, that would be delicious, wouldn't it?

  8. frank ly

    re. Pirate Bay ship

    I always thought they'd copied the Blue Peter badge. (I had one, many years ago.)

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: re. Pirate Bay ship

      Blue Peter had scull and crossbones flags?

      Educational, because that's what Blue Peter use to be. :)

  9. mIRCat

    Old Irony-side

    They sunk our battleship!

    And a bottle o' rum. Yarr.

  10. arrbee

    Not unlike a major music label supplying copyright material for others to download without any licence to do so - except in that case the company gets money as well.

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    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: MAFIAA copying

      Why are you talking like Elmo from Sesame Street?

  12. Dennis Wilson
    Thumb Down

    How dare they................

    Stealing from a thief is sooooooooo unprofessional.

    1. michaelkav

      Re: How dare they................

      Big jump there to call the pirate bay thiefs it is like saying the Highways Agency is responsible for all drug trafficking on their roads so lets sue them.

      The biggest problems with P2P is the complete lack of understanding about it. ISP's are like roads and sites are like direction signs but they are BOTH dumb in nature. Just like road signs the people doing the journey can ignore the signs and go their own way (the soon to be very popular distributed encrypted form of P2P).

      The Pirate Bay chasing is a waste of time and effort people WILL do what they want as life is short (the trick to a business model is to make people want it not be sued into it). With the correct VPN/Encryption set up there is no answer once people move away to their OWN road signs which is what chasing the Pirate Bay "accelerates"and reduces the timethe big techs and media moguls have to sort out a business model before the next wave hits.

      Trying to sue to hold up a crap business models never works in the end. The big corps have begun to move to better systems via a younger generation but the old guard is holding them back big time.

      The Pirate Bay are not thiefs this is a serious misconception and causes more problems than it solves. In time content will be bought up and sold cheap by big techs and the old entertainment moguls will die off as their business model collapses in the face of this. But this will not be solved in the courts or parliaments end of.

      1. Dennis Wilson

        Re: How dare they................

        Piratebay are nothing more than thieves fencing stolen goods. When i said a thief i meant a thief. They cannot be called anything else. Lets hope they keep up the good work though.

        1. Anonymous Coward

          Re: How dare they................

          No, they're acting like the seedy bartender to can tell you where to go to get what you want, but doesn't provide it himself, and doesn't let the bookies/druggies/hookers/name-your-vice-suppliers hang out in his bar.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why do anti-piracy groups do it?

    That is; make so much noise and create so many news items.

    Surely these stories just drive more and more traffic to sites like TPB.

  14. Keep Refrigerated


    Lovely bit of self-defeating irony from the CIAPC pirates - their blue pirate ship has clearly been sunk by the brown pirate ships six pounder!

  15. teebie

    An anti-piracy organisation not paying for content, that's unpossible (*)

    (*) "unpossible" source: The Simpsons

  16. Arachnoid
    Thumb Up

    Captain Jack may have lost his own ship to the Royalist boarding party but in doing so they gave him their own....

  17. Frankee Llonnygog

    "There's also the question of how CIAPC got the code in the first place"

    "There's also the question of how CIAPC got the code in the first place."

    Above a screenshot of "view page source". There may be a clue there

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    almost as ironic as the anti piracy ads featuring pirated music

  19. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart

    May I be the first... say that CIAPC didn't steal TPB's anything, they just made a copy of it.....

    1. ShadowedOne

      Re: May I be the first...

      Except that by their logic copying = stealing.

      1. silent_count

        Re: May I be the first...

        Oh God! Contrary to popular belief, the RIAA were right all along - copying is stealing. TPB doesn't have a CSS file any more!

        Applying a little simple-to-follow math, this outrageous crime has cost TBP... 6 (pages linked to the CSS) x 427 (lines in the CSS file) x 68,000 (users per day who would have seen said CSS file) = $1 zillion in lost revenue

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