back to article Coming soon: Open source JavaFX for iOS, Android

Oracle says it plans to open source the Android and iOS implementations of its JavaFX UI platform "over the next couple months," which it says will allow Java developers to use the technology to write cross-platform smartphone apps for the first time. "A majority of you said you'd contribute to an iOS / Android port (either …


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  1. DrXym

    Should have happened 2 years ago

    If Oracle / Sun weren't so intent on suing Google they might have realised that JavaFX would be an awesome addition to the platform. These days, it's more of a "so what?" gesture.

  2. Google

    A perfectly workable solution...

    Facebook wouldn't agree HTML 5 is a viable alternative, in the words of the Zuck:

    "We just never were able to get the quality we wanted [from the HTML5 apps we were building]..."

    The performance difference between their native iOS and html client make it self evident.

    1. Nick Ryan Silver badge

      Re: A perfectly workable solution...

      While HTML 5 has its problems, the majority of facebooks problems with it that I looked at were down to incompetence. At times it looked like that almost without fail they picked the most awkward or inappropriate solution every time they had to implement something, and then implemented it in a really inefficient manner.

      Their website works ok with HTML (for now pretend the "mobile" version does not exist), HTML 5 is only HTML with a few extra extensions. Other than quite inefficient APIs there should have been no reason that their HTML 5 app was so bad.

  3. Wibble

    Oh this is a good one...

    Wow, we get a ringside seat watching Oracle getting birch slapped by Apple for daring to wrest control of the desktop.

    Oracle: we'd like you to put this programming language into your App Store. It'll mean loads more applications can be easily created for iOS devices, richer Internet applications, world peace, etc., etc.

    Apple: no.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This looks like a solution in search of a problem

    "which it says will allow Java developers to use the technology to write cross-platform smartphone apps for the first time"

    Those who choose other means are already able to write cross-platform smartphone apps, so this doesn't seem to be bringing anything to the table that is sorely needed.

    1. Mark .

      Re: This looks like a solution in search of a problem

      Indeed. Though perhaps it's technically correct if you read it as allowing _Java_ developers to be able to write cross-platform apps for the first time :) (Which is a bit sad given that Java was meant to be write once run anywhere - we have desktop-Java, Java-for-mobiles-except-Android-and-iphone, and Android-Java. JavaFX would at last be cross-platform between non-mobile OSs, and a couple of mobile OSs at least. Although still not as cross-platform as C++...)

    2. DrXym

      Re: This looks like a solution in search of a problem

      The advantage of JavaFX is it's a media / graphics oriented scripting framework sitting over Java. It really can do some impressive stuff and is analogous to Flash / Silverlight with the advantage of multithreading and full access to Java.

      Problem for Android is that it's arriving way too late in the day, after it's failed to find interest in web browsers (too many day-0 attacks against Java have pretty much killed its prospects there).

      I think if JavaFX code were to compile to native Dalvik byte code that it might find a niche as a simple way to develop games, but it's far below where it could have been.

  5. h3

    I thought Java FX was only vaguely to do with what people normally consider Java to be.

  6. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Sublime Alien ProgramMING in Advanced Stealthy Projects …. NINJApps*

    And Java FX has always been a funny one, on the side lines, yet useful here and there. Rather like Groovy and Scala. It might suddenly take off thanks to some killer app, one never knows. The best thing is, it's an open source technology and therefore it will maximise it's usefulness even if that usefulness is not as mainstream as other technologies. …. Eadon Posted Tuesday 12th February 2013 22:40 GMT

    Oracle: we'd like you to put this programming language into your App Store. It'll mean loads more applications can be easily created for iOS devices, richer Internet applications, world peace, etc., etc.

    Apple: no. … Wibble Posted Tuesday 12th February 2013 22:47 GMT

    Morning El Regers, Eadon and Wibble,

    Let's cut out all of the crap and get straight down to SMARTR Big Brother Business?

    World Peace and Prosperity via Private Interest in Piratical Personalities with Public Control of CyberIntelAIgent Office Spaces in Virtually Secured Earthed Places is a Richer Internet Application and Easily Ubiquitous Killer Browser App for Power Cloud Players ….. Greater IntelAIgent Gamers.

    Quite whether though it be thought to be reliant upon the likes of JavaFX rather than just provided to IT as a mutually beneficial leading accommodation of Oracle participation in …. well, let us just call them, Future JOINT** AIdDVentures …… is only something of virtually real and ultimately quite artificial, bean counter concern to boring and bored stock and shareholders and Oracle board members, I suppose.

    For Greater IntelAIgent Gamers into EMPowering Cloud Plays does it matter not a jot for they have an Absolute Sovereign Power Control of Digital Codes to XSSXXXX via fundamental understanding of the radical action and universal reaction of Primitive Man and Prime Intel to HyperRadioProActive String with Qubitted Threads ….. for the Infinite Flexibility that provides AI and Global Operating Devices, the Variety and Choice for Heavenly Decisions in Hellish Situations/Devilish Environments.

    *Networks InterNetworking JOINT* Applications.

    **Joint Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies/NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Processes in AI Research and Development Fields.

    “Although I compare Internet and contemporary communication policy-making to the historical case of broadcasting, the differences in the technologies suggest it highly unlikely that they will develop along similar lines. The Internet has vastly more potential as an engine of democratic communication, and the real issue before us is how much of that potential will be fulfilled. I conclude that the policy issues surrounding the emerging communication revolution must be accompanied by a nearly unprecedented degree of politicalization in the United States, if we are to approach the democratic potential of these technologies. The communication revolution also presents a special challenge to the discipline of communication in the United States and globally. Just as the global economy and the communication system are in the throes of a turbulent transformation, communication research and education in the United States are at a crossroads. The stance communication scholars assume toward communication policy-making in the coming years may determine the status of the field for generations.” …….

    Oh, and Apple, Wibble, have no control at all, over any of that which is shared freely above. Well, at least not until they decide and actually throw some flash cash from their stash mountain at its source programmers and project leaders, that is. Then can they exercise whatever they want for IT to deliver everything needed and desired. :-) …. for that is what Greater IntelAIgent Gamers into EMPowering Cloud Plays do with Absolute Sovereign Power Control of Digital Codes to XSSXXXX.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Too little, too late

    First I once again get the feeling Oracle is looking for cheap labour but alas. They should have pushed FX years ago, in the mean time it has become completely redundant on both the desktop as well as the web.

    IMO the whole project is a fail. It started off not that bad IMO; the demo's looked good and with only a few lines of code you could indeed make very interesting applications. Of course, as usual, in the beginning there were lots of nice words but hardly a decent editor which supported JavaFX (that was still Sun's doing back then mind you). Eventually Netbeans did support it but it also made one wonder; why would I use this (it was also pushed forward as a solid solution for easy desktop GUI's). Especially since NetBeans had already provided for that with the evergoing impressive 'Project Matisse' aka the Swing GUI builder, even now this sits firm in both NetBeans and the Java runtime.

    Mobile? At that time mobile support was pretty much waning; lots of devices didn't support Java ME anymore and basically made room for something else. So all that was left was the web; but that part is covered by EE mostly (lets ignore applets shall we?) which comes with its own dose of limitations. Or put differently: I don't see anyone who wants to push out RIA's to opt with Java at first, its way too cumbersome on so many levels.. Don't forget that the GUI is but one thing, you'll also need to administer and regulate whatever data comes out of said GUI, and then you'll enter the depths of EE again.

    Now, I'm not saying EE is bad; as a matter of a fact I kinda like working with it. But I don't think its the best tool for the job when talking RIA's. I'd be more tempted to look into Flash, Silverlight or perhaps get a dose of HTML5.

    Its one of those classics too little, too late kind of things IMO.

  8. Tom 7

    Gate Bolted Burger Bolted


  9. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Yeah, Oracle reaching out to the community, that'll work...

    See Open Office.

    Anyway, JavaFX mobile was canned at the end of 2011 and now they want to concentrate on mobile platforms. Do Oracle know what they're doing? Answers on the back of a stamp.

  10. James 51

    won't work on the playbook or BB10 though.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Don't tell Eadon

      but Unity will be supporting the BB10 and has just added WP8. (It already supports iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows and Adobe Web Player - see for some examples.)

      Perhaps it is a "hack", as Eadon describes it. I don't know. I do know that it is very popular with people who create games for multiple platforms, as it is quite powerful and flexible, and keeps porting costs low.

      Oh, and there are no licence fees.

  11. mmeier

    This is FX2 not the original set! And it has little in common with FX1. To me it sounds like a great idea even if the ithingy does not get support. It will allow me to write software for the main platform [windows] and get Fragmentdroid support for free. Since that platform does not like to pay writing software for it makes little sense but as a automatic by-product it is a nice bullet point on the sales sheet while Android tablets still have a market share.And once they are gone the software runs on Atom based Windows tablet-pc even better [More power, Stylus]

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