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New South Wales' Office of Environment & Heritage has released a version of its National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) standard for data centres. The Office oversees NABERS, a standard that “measures the energy efficiency, water usage, waste management and indoor environment quality of a building or …


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  1. Wombling_Free

    So does this mean....

    Your data center must now be covered in brick veneer, fill the whole site apart from 40cm strips of weeds on the sides, have 5 bedrooms per human occupant, use only colours that include the word 'beige', have no eaves whatsoever, must have at least 10kW of airconditioning per human occupant (passive heating/cooling? nah, mate, that doesn't work down 'ere) , if built within 5km of trees must have no timber in construction*, must cut down all trees within 40m*, must have room for at least 15 large SUVs along the street front, must use native vegetation & trees (thus conflicting with the one about having no trees), and must have heavy curtains over all windows**.

    * - due to recent changes in legislation 'Construction in Bushfire Prone Areas' ie, THE WHOLE FUCKING CONTINENT.

    ** - yes, that's a NABERS requirement, pretty much all of them are, actually.

    Registered Architect (a REAL one)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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