Daily Wail Memejackers pwned

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  1. bag o' spanners

    Daily Wail Memejackers pwned


    Quick, before one of their admin doofuses realises that they need to unlink.

  2. bag o' spanners

    Page now down while they deal with what they think is a hack. Classic!

  3. bag o' spanners

    For those of you who blinked and missed it, it was a gif substition by a miffed site owner who felt that his bw was being abused by the Daily Mails direct linkage on its late to the memeparty article.

    The substituted gif was a flashing text which stated:

    "Daily mail somehow thought it would be morally ok to hotlink to a 3.5MB gif from a struggling startup whose detitute creator can barely afford rice and beans.

    Don't they have their own fucking CDN they can use?

    Shame on you Dailmail"

    All in lovely 30 point caps.

    It took their admins a couple of hours to twig that it wasn't a hack, before they replaced the page, then took the whole thing offline. Weekend night rates for the web wonks all round.

    I doubt that I'm the only person who saved a copy of the page in all its glory "for future reference"

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I doubt that I'm the only person who saved a copy

      And yet, no one has linked to a pic. sling it up on a free pic site say imgur,no account req'd it'll take you 20 seconds, then the world and his dog can also use it "for future reference".

  4. LinkOfHyrule
    Thumb Up

    Hehe classic! Shame I missed this it sounds funny!

    If it had of been my site they'd nicked a pic off, I'd have made an image with text in the same font and size saying something really libellous (but only in the context of it appearing on their page) or admitting that DM hacks like to do naughty things or something!

  5. Anonymous Coward 15

    Would be interesting to know who gets busted if the substitute picture was obscene, libellous, in breach of a superinjunction, etc.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      You have to suspect it would be the bloke swapping it at source, if it could be shown that he did so with the full knowledge that it would be widely published.

      That's mere suspicion though. In practice I reckon you'd need a shedload of popcorn to keep you going while they worked that one out in the courts.

  6. LinkOfHyrule

    Sod that - imagine spending months of your life in and out of court with a load of DM people and their lawyers.

    Maybe just a caption that says "The Daily Mail thinks Romanians are great and we highly recommend that all our readers enter into gay marriages with as many Eastern Europeans as possible in order to strengthen the EU economy!"

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