back to article REVEALED: NetApp's upcoming 'version 1.0' all-flash array

NetApp is going to introduce the NetApp Flash Array, an array using up to 24 SSDs and running the SANtricity (PDF) operating system rather than DataONTAP. The tech giant has been signalling for the better part of a year now that it will be expanding its flash technology offering and working on a few in-house flashy developments …


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  1. Lorddraco

    This is former LSI Logic Storage. Seriously ... it aint flashy at all given the announcement. Zero fancy feature from DataOntap. Just a normal dual-controller stuffs with SSDs. Dont get me wrong. LSI Logic Storage is pretty good but still a Tier 2 Storage.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Like Lorddraco said, they’re just rebranding a LSI array after buying that line from LSI. Nothing we didn’t already know. The only question is if netapp will manage to make the once LSI arrays unstable much like they do to their own arrays….

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Even if they sell it, that's no more a NetApp Flash Array than a thumb drive sold by EMC would be a Flash VMAX.

  4. M. B.

    They probably expect you... shell out the cake for a NetApp FAS with a gateway license to front-end that storage so you can ejaculate your Data ONTAP goodness all over the downstream hardware.

  5. Twit
    Thumb Down

    How long will this be a product?

    Given as previously documented here on el reg, NetApps past CTO is off with a team of 40 engineers building an all flash array. You have to ask how long this product will be in play. Looks more like a stop gap tactical solution to keep their hat in the all flash storage game. Slapping SSD's in where HDD's were is not the answer.

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