back to article Watch your back, Amazon: Google coughs $125m for 'shopping engine' firm

Google have bought inventory tracking software company Channel Intelligence for a hefty $125m. Its owner, ICG Group, announced the cash buy-up from Google today. The parent company said that Channel Intelligence's "Boost services", which help its clients to track transactions online and drive their referred sales, include: …


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  1. Vimes

    Great - so instead of one large online retailer avoiding UK taxes we'll have two large online retailers avoiding UK taxes...

    1. Euripides Pants

      Chill out

      You clearly do not know the scope of the "problem" of companies and individuals avoiding UK taxes. I pay absolutely NO UK taxes. Its easy if you live in another country :)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    On a more practical note

    Amazon has a huge logistics machine. The software and web pieces are only parts of the equation. The real world pieces are critical and not easy to build and scale quickly. Seen this previously with Google's lack of IT channel for its app services and other IT solutions - getting there now, but takes a long time to put in place and get fully operational.

    1. Dazed & Confused

      Re: On a more practical note

      I'm guessing Google are thinking they can bring lots of little companies, all with different software and web set-ups, but logistics in place already, under one unified roof

      Much like Amazon sells stuff from small providers, but you still do everything through Amazon, you'd go to the Google store and buy something from Bob's Budget Baloney and something from Sheila's Scarily Sharp Steel Swords, and do it all with one payment and track it in one place. Bob and Sheila would still be responsible for the logistics, just as they are now.

      I can already see all the products under Google Shopping - this just removes the need to go to the cheapest website, create an account, blah blah blah, screw it I'll get it off Amazon for 15p extra.

  3. The_Regulator


    So wait, google tracks everyone, their mobile platform is the most common of all in the headlines for security issues and they now think I am going to use them to purchase goods online? *takes a hit and passes it on*

  4. Chris007

    Fight fight fight

    So two heavyweights are gonna go toe to toe.

    And as it involves Amazon does that make it a Rumble in the Jungle...

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