back to article Cisco joins $8m gang, shovels cash into ex-NASA OpenStack cloud upstart

Cisco has joined a trio of investors committing $8m to OpenStack startup Piston Cloud, which has a tech team led by an ex-NASA brain. The networking giant is committing the money as part of Series B funding with the Data Collective and Swisscom Ventures. They join existing investors Divergent Ventures, Hummer Winblad and True …


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  1. Graham 24

    (B/M) illion

    I think you'll find those billions are in fact millions.

  2. Khaptain

    Is it Billions or Millions

    >and Piston Cloud has said the money would be used to “enhance” products, grow the customer base and establish new partnerships

    With 8 Billion they can do a lot more than that:

    Buy a couple of Islands, a luxury yacht or two, a football team and "El Reg"..........

This topic is closed for new posts.

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