back to article How much for Opera's app store in my TV? A tenor, perhaps?

Web browser biz Opera Software will embed its HTML5 application store into chips from MediaTek, and thus into the heart of set-top boxes and smart TVs around the world. Opera's store is already to be found in Sony's Bravia range of TVs and Blu-Ray players, but being integrated into the chipset will give manufacturers an easy …


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  1. Schultz

    "keeping users supplied with adverts"

    Nice to know that we are valued customers!

    1. HamsterNet

      Re: "keeping users supplied with adverts"

      If its free then YOU are the product.

      1. Christian Berger

        Re: "keeping users supplied with adverts"

        Yes, but I already paid for my TV so it's my right to decide what it does, what images it shows and what software it runs.

  2. I think so I am?

    Nice to know

    that any bugs or vulnerabilities will be hard code'd in :)

  3. GumboKing


    Misread the title as "Oprah's App Store" and thought she was diversifying again.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I would definitely pay 10$ to NOT have it

    1. DJ Smiley

      How about you give me that $10 and I'll tell you how to not connect it to your wifi network?

  5. Robert Helpmann??

    Additional Options, Please

    Viewers may still baulk at paying for TV apps, which is OK as Opera's advertising platform has been integrated into the latest version of the store so content can remain free.

    Conversely, if they simply got a cut for each app that was purchased or charged for click-through traffic on each product based on use as advertising, they could do away with the annoyance to the customers and generate more accurate customer information for their clients.

    I like Opera's browser, but I think they are behind the curve on this one.

    1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge
      Big Brother

      Re: Additional Options, Please

      Agreed, not sure why Opera needs whats appears to be an app store that appears to be a webpage with links.

  6. Richard Jones 1

    Another do not want pile of rubbish

    What gives with these modern bricks? They force feed only rubbish?

    As a set top box it might do as a door stop and nothing else.

    I was recently sent a new phone, it remains unused with its wonderful feature set of complete cr*p. It has a fixed unmovable list of 'Bookmarks', all totally useless items. Most of them I have never heard of and all of them I have no interest in ever using.

    Can it do anything I need? No, of course not.

    So I still use my 8 year old mobile telephone as at least it works and does what I need..

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'll build by own STB

    Using FOSS tools, then I know it's clean.

  8. heyrick Silver badge

    Opera bundled in a telly?

    So where's the "Other browsers" option?

  9. Jean-Luc
    Thumb Down

    Ah, confusing the boob tube with something clever, again.

    >if the TV app stores become anything like as polarised and politically important as mobile stores

    When I got my new Samsung TV I went through all the reviews, especially the negative ones.

    A lot of those expressed frustration at the difficulty of using a browser or app on a "smart" TV. Without keyboard, without mice. I was familiar enough with this rant, having had the same issue with my PS3, so I bought the set. Awesome TV. Netflix works, which saves power over booting up the PS3 to run it. But Youtube searching is atrociously slow. Like the PS3.

    I hope Opera makes itself at home on TVs, it sure beats Sony's craptographic attempt at writing its own PS3 browser.

    But I don't think we should confuse TVs with computers or mobiles, both of which have way cleverer input devices. Though a Kinect-type pointer could work, provided it was precise enough. Or a clever phone-app remote, but Samsung's current implementation is not.

  10. Alan Denman

    Only a few hundred pieces of average

    Seems a bonus to me.

    A few semi-useful apps with another 500,000 pieces of complete garbage missing.

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