back to article Netflix tempts binge viewers with House of Cards pilot freebie

Netflix is making the pilot episode of its made-for-IPTV series House of Cards free to anyone to watch, whether they’re one of the streaming service’s 33 million subscribers or not. The entire 13-part series went live en masse on Netflix late last week. Rather than run the series episode by episode, week by week, Netflix …


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  1. thegrouch

    Yes but...

    ...until I can get connected at something above 1.5Mbs then I'm forever denied these wonderful sounding streaming services.

  2. Mystic Megabyte

    nice idea but..

    It looks like a really good series but I won't be installing Silverlght. I thought that it had been abandoned because so few used it.

    As for question Time it is bad enough listening to crap politicians, I don't want to see their lying eyes.

    1. jai

      Re: nice idea but..

      Well then watch it on mobile phone or tablet or PS3 or Smart telly.

    2. Peter Simpson 1
      Thumb Down

      Re: nice idea but..


      I thought it was dead...

      //ned tombstone icon

    3. Alan Brown Silver badge

      Re: nice idea but..

      It is, but for the slight issue of encryption.

      Silverlight has it, flash and html5 don't.

      (For the purposes of Netflix and Lovefilm, anyway)

  3. Andrew Moore
    Thumb Down

    Holy crap...

    Not Derek. That has to be the worst show on TV right now. Starring Ricky "I was funny, once" Gervais and Karl "I'm so desperate to be on telly" Pilkington.

    1. Steve Knox

      Re: Holy crap...

      How dare you paint Ricky Gervais with that "I was funny, once" slur?

      He was never funny, not even once.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Holy crap...

        He was..., on XFM, when I was 17 and still living with my parents, and I was of an age where them doing radio shows drunk or discovering you can't libel the dead, or talking about penis puppets was funny...

        That stopped being funny long ago though. Ahhh for simpler times.

  4. Simon Harris

    A lot of talent there...

    ... but it can only be Ian Richardson for me .

    1. Mayhem

      Re: A lot of talent there...

      You might very well think that ... I couldn't possibly comment!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: A lot of talent there...

        .... he's the Daddy!

  5. g e

    Watched 5 episodes over the weekend

    And it's really very watchable, too. Kevin Spacey's asides to the camera really make it.

    If you have a Playstation or a Samsung (likely other brands, too) smart TV then you don't need Silverlight, you'll already have access to netflix. if you have an XBOX you can of course pay again for the privilege of accessing your netflix account with XBOX Gold membership. Hmm my S3 has netflix too, so Android users as well - dunno if appleists have it, I'd imagine so.

    So really, only if you're kind of stuck in the land of watching stuff on a computer monitor only.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Watched 5 episodes over the weekend

      Go watch the original, Ian Richardson's machiavellian performance is fantastic, Spacey is just a pastiche.

  6. Ammaross Danan

    HBO on AppleTV

    You mean that after all the app censoring, that HBO really thinks they can get their night-time soft porn onto an AppleTV device? Will wonders never cease?

  7. Jason Hindle

    I will watch it

    But I hope Netflix will also carry the original.

    1. ThomH

      Re: I will watch it

      Here in the US at least, the original, To Play the King and The Final Cut are all carried; at twelve episodes in total they're a very entertaining way to spend a weekend.

      I haven't watched the Spacey version yet but I guess there'll be some severe adjustments as if you wanted to ascend to President without winning a national election then you'd need Ford-style to be Speaker of the House and for President and Vice President to resign or die. It's happened exactly once under exceptional circumstances — it's not at all like in the UK where the PM only needs the support of the majority of his peers, giving us relatively frequent 'unelected' leaders like Callaghan, Major (at first) and Brown.

    2. Simon Harris

      Re: I will watch it

      But I hope Netflix will also carry the original.

      Actually LoveFilm have the original at the moment.

      1. Jason Hindle

        Re: Well, I did watch the first episode

        And I quite enjoyed it. It has an ambitious, Machiavellian leading character and the comparisons with the great, British original pretty much end there.

  8. Dexter Berlekey

    Business Model

    Does this business model work? Just some back of a fag packet calculations, but if they have 33 million subscribers, paying roughly $100 a year (For the US pricing 7.99 * 12 comes to less but I'm being generous), that comes to 3.3 billion, which leaves 1.7 million short on rights alone (at 5 billion*) without the acquisition cost and the cost of running the service. I would imagine that the rights cost will scale with subscriber base to some degree.

    From my perspective this is great, the service works and costs peanuts, but doesn't seem all that sustainable to me.

    * Of course if that 5 billion is what was spent on multi-year deals negotiated last year that all of the above is wrong.

  9. Gavin McMenemy

    House of Cards?

    Isn't this just a "remake" of the original Richardson House of Cards?

    Oh yes ... it is.

    So I couldn't possibly comment.

  10. kilgore trout

    I just watched the original House of Cards on the US Netflix. I'm curious to know how the new version holds up

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Remake? Who needs it?

    Surely the original could not be improved on?

    This, and A Very British Coup were huge peaks of achievement, both in drama and political satire.

  12. JB

    Radio 4 TV

    No! It's annoying enough on Radio 5 Live when they keep referring to the visual feed, let's not go down that road on good old Radio 4. It's bad enough when they put all the presenters' photos on the website, totally smashing my image I had of them.

    Like The Burkiss Way said: "Adapted for radio by poking your eyes out!" :)

  13. DrXym Silver badge

    Watching it now

    It's not a bad series at all although it feels a bit slow in places.

  14. Paul Wells
    Thumb Up

    See the first four hours

    It does move slowly, with possibly a few too many characters/threads, but it's a big step up from the drama on any non-cable channel in America.

  15. Ketlan
    Thumb Down

    Ricky Gervais is shit

    ...and so was the original House of Cards. The book, too. Dobbs is a Thatcher-idolising twat, which could easily put me off on its own but then we have Silverlight. That did Netflix for me, I'm afraid. Signed up one day, cancelled the next.

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