back to article Brit boffins GANG-RESEARCH tiny LEDs for 1Gbps network

A consortium of UK universities have banded together to spend some government cash building very small LEDs with a view to creating broadcast networks capable of hitting 1Gbps. The team, led by the University of Strathclyde and taking contributions from research units at Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford and St Andrews, plans to …


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  1. Androgynous Crackwhore

    Anyone else thinking... array of these could make a rather nice Real HD™ display for your laptop/phone/tablet/phablet/whatever?

    1. Cronus

      Re: Anyone else thinking...

      Well yes, what with it basically putting that thought into the reader's mind in its closing paragraph and all...

      1. FartingHippo

        Re: Anyone else thinking...

        Would sort out the blackest of blacks race, for sure. No backlight leakage from a source that is actually OFF.

      2. Androgynous Crackwhore

        Re: Anyone else thinking...

        Um, no it didn't. "You could make a whacking great telly from these" I thought completely missed the point. Hence my comment!

        Why bother using them in big, low res, view from half way across the room, mains powered, TVs? These should be thin, light, superbly efficient, backlight free (did I mention thin & efficient), with incredibly fine resolution, beautiful colour purity, viewing angles, etc... all making them PERFECT for small high-performance, battery powered, portable devices. The "compact-system-camera" and mirrorless-SLR designers are desperate for something like this. Apple Inc probably can't wait to "invent" them for the iPhone 26. ...but tellies? Meh.

        1. Captain TickTock

          Re: Anyone else thinking...

          how does "any size imaginable" become necessarily "whacking great"?

          especially when it follows "miniscule"

          1. Kubla Cant Silver badge

            Re: Anyone else thinking...

            Er, what it actually follows is "minuscule".

  2. &rew
    Thumb Up

    Reg Article Title...

    ...And Sub-Heading Of The Year? I vote YES.

    1. BigAndos

      Re: Reg Article Title...

      Agreed, they've set the bar pretty high. Trying to beat it shouldn't be taken lightly (sorry).

      1. Captain TickTock

        Re: Reg Article Title...

        "Agreed, they've set the bar pretty high. Trying to beat it shouldn't be taken lightly (sorry)."

        So we're LED to believe.

        Thank you, goodnight.

  3. FartingHippo

    "1980s research attempting to predict the future of computing"

    The Xerox paper talks about 3G and bluetooth. 80s it aint.

    1. This post has been deleted by a moderator

    2. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: "1980s research attempting to predict the future of computing"

      "The Xerox paper talks about 3G and bluetooth."

      I fear you're confused - the page mentioning 3G and Bluetooth was written by this article's author in 2001 and isn't a Xerox paper. It's reviewing Xerox's 1980s tech.


      1. FartingHippo
        Paris Hilton

        Re: "1980s research attempting to predict the future of computing"

        I am indeed confused. A Paris Hilton moment...

  4. Mace Ventura

    ... That's what we read for the first time today?

    Greatest. Song. Ever.

  5. Parax
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    Itsy bitsy teenie weenie LEDs to go all beamy

    Love it. +1

  6. Captain TickTock

    How small is small?

    Micro-sized? How small is that? In standard Reg units, please.

  7. Norm DePlume
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    Will they be able to make _proper_ white LEDs?

    [May contain letters.]

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Will they be able to make _proper_ white LEDs?

      Doubt it. Aren't _proper_ white LEDs impossible(tm)?

      1. Swarthy Silver badge

        Re: Will they be able to make _proper_ white LEDs?

        with 1000/mm2 they could even be blended to make a specific temperature of white, to make "proper" white for many applications, with different proper whites.

  8. brainwrong

    "And by making each LED a subtly different colour, they can all transmit separate data streams, which means 1,000 of them packed into a square millimetre can outperform existing techniques a million times over."

    Given that current LED's are not monochromatic, I think someone's being a bit optimistic there.

    To answer Norm DePlume, yes you could make proper white LED's by putting lots of small differently coloured LED chips in a single package.


    Donkeys years ago there was an article in new scientist about the invention of the gallium nitride blue LED. They mentioned that it would be possible to combine the blue with orange light to make a white LED. I thought at the time that whilst it may appear white to look at directly, the colour rendering of such a beast would be terrible. Unfortunately that's pretty much what the manufacturers did. Now we have bright LED torches that are hard to see by, stupid flashing bike lights that cause loads of glare because of the blue content, and now the world is filling up with cars with over-bright daylight running lights! I fucking hate it all!


    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      ...and now the world is filling up with cars with over-bright daylight running lights!

      Cars have a problem all of their own. The rules around lighting were defined in the mid '70s and stipulate the maximum wattage of the lights used.

      Thus we have ended up in a situation where HID and LED lamps capable of figuratively boiling your eyeballs in their sockets are perfectly legal, while swapping your conventional 55/65w dip/main Halogen bulbs for a set of 70/100w ones isn't on a vehicle manufactured after 1976. Even though they're not as bright as the newer, more efficient, technologies operating at legal wattages.

      There is a small sop to common sense in that HIDs are obliged to be self-levelling. Unfortunately, as roads tend not to be as smooth as a baby's bum and self-levelling systems are reactive and take a few moments to adjust, all this actually does is swap "continuous dazzle" for "photographic flashgun".

      1. John McCallum

        Let there be LIGHT

        Bugger 70/100w I prefer a single 90/130w and if it is lined up right plod couldn't care less.

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