back to article Biz rivals tussle over customers, former staffers of fallen 2e2

Channel rivals of 2e2 are offering staff at the fallen integrator a lifeline and are tapping up customers wondering what the short-term future may hold for their current tech supplier. Type 2e2 into Google's search engine and PSU, Codestone, Gap Consulting, Kelway, m-hance and Amicus ITS are but a few of the names to have run …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just another reason to show that outsourcing is the devils milk

    CIO's and Finance Directors want to push outsourcing as it "saves money" but this farce and other cases of outsourcers failing to deliver just show that internal is probably the way to go. Especially when you TUPE staff, you lose that loyalty that has been built up. People who would have done free overtime for the company will suddenly now refuse or charge.

    I still can't figure out which idiot first decided that IT outsourcing should be the way forwards, but they should be taken out in front of their families and shot. The out sourcers will lie to their own staff as well as the customer. How many times do you hear about a large out sourcer getting a contract, followed by the job boards going crazy while they try to hire the skills that they promised the clients were "in house"?

    1. Chris007

      Re: Just another reason to show that outsourcing is the devils milk

      When an outsourcing deal occurs the chances are that some mgmt in the firm outsourcing their staff will get a bonus of some kind (usually large) as it looks like they've saved money with the deal over what it currently costs them.

      The salesman at the outsourcing company (and perhaps mgmt as well) will get a big sign-on bonus for getting the outsourcing deal.

      The fact that in the majority of cases the company that outsourced loses money (has to spend more to get the same service) will not stop outsourcing as there will always be somebody willing to sell their soul for that big pot of bonus money.

      I guess that as long as the outsourced provider makes more profit than it loses in penalties/fines means they will also continue to do it.

      I'd like to see an example of a large outsourcing deal where it was considered a success by all parties (and observers) during the entire length of the deal.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Just another reason to show that outsourcing is the devils milk

        since the board of directors of a company are legally obliged to the shareholders, I would be interested to see some prosecutions by the shareholders of boards who have pushed through out sourcing deals which have cost the client more money.

        It's not only the service costs, most of the time the out sourcer will only source hardware from themselves, therefor no allowing for the price tennis between suppliers to save money

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Underhanded tactics screwing over 2e2 staff

    Sickened to hear that 2e2 suppliers have been trying to poach clients by stating there is impending service interruption to comms lines that have min 30 days notice on them. NUI solutions, nice way to do business, I have kids to feed.

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  4. Prometheangift


    Alas, the final denouement of 2e2's Business Applications team which at one time could have been sold off as a separate concern. Any remaining staff of which there are very few are looking to bail out before their February salary is not paid. What a fiasco, 2e2 turned their profitable division (reported about £4M FYE 2011) into a loss making operation through its remodelling. This would make a classic MBA case study of how to screw up a good business.

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