back to article Stricken giant 2e2 may be sold off in one by Monday - sources

The sale of fallen integrator 2e2 may be finalised as early as Monday with administrator FTI Consulting looking to offload all of the UK biz to just one buyer, say people close to the talks. All of the major household names in the channel are understood to have looked under the hood of the Berkshire-based company since ten UK …


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  1. Buzzword

    Those contractors on NHS projects - how hard can it be to keep them on? The company gets paid £600 a day, the contractor collects £200 a day, deduct some money for overheads and expenses, and you've just created a profitable company. The administrators can spin this off and use the money to pay debts due.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Please continue to work for us! We promise you'll be paid for work you do in February!" Well guess what guys, an employment contract is a promise, one backed by legal means to enforce it. And you broke it by firing a load of people in January and not paying them for the month. So what, you expect the 'lucky' ones to continue to work for you in February, on the double-extra-special-this-time-we-mean-it-promise they'll get paid, and that you won't fire them too when you feel like it? Pft. Fuck you.

  3. Mattjimf

    There was a job advert for 2e2 posted yesterday, which made me wonder why they are looking to recruit while laying staff off.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    There is probably a special deal with Cisco since 2e2 still have a huge turnover of Cisco kit whereas server products such as IBM and HP stopped coming in and out months ago due to credit hold.

  5. RiberoFrigo

    I know an acquaintance of mine is working 24/7 at the moment to replace the services supplied by 2e2 in order to avoid a major breakdown in customer services. He wont be recommending outsourcing in the future that for sure..

  6. The Godfather

    Whoever buys this will need to have their eyes wide open and their wallets secure. Implications moving forward may be significant and under-estimated. Can't see anyone paying much for the whole business. Might it be a vendor or creditor carrying too much debt perhaps?

  7. Friendofthe340

    What are they going to sell ?

    I'm aware of an awful lot of permie staff jumping ship to contracting and contractors changing to alternative agencies as well as large companies who have no interest in working with any incarnation of 2e2. Buyer beware!!!

  8. Prometheangift

    More redundancies today!!!

    Another 627 get the axe today. This is the final curtain, 1,000 gone with people jumping ship. There is nothing left to sell. Those that have shown some interest will be pulling out post haste if they haven't already done so.

    Customers must look for another supplier as soon as possible.

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