back to article Company you never heard of builds 3.4 petaflops super for DOE

Nature abhors a vacuum as well as an oligopoly, which is why upstart supercomputer maker Atipa Technologies may find itself having an easier time getting its foot into the data center door now that Cray has eaten supercomputer-maker Appro International. The company you've never heard of is Atipa, a division of PC and server …


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  1. paulej72

    Supermicro motherboards. I think I would pass on that. I have had 3 GPU servers built with Supermicro boards and all 3 needed the motherboards replaced before I could get them to boot reliably.

  2. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    since when

    since when is qlogic a unit of Intel ?

    1. UK Jim

      Re: since when

      Intel acquired the Infiniband assets of Qlogic about a year ago...

      (FWIW I work for Intel, but I do not speak for them :-))

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Atipa the hat to our Kansan supercomputer overlords!!

    Ok, that was bad, but I went there anyway....

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "PNNL runs all the big supercomputer centers outside of the military and spooks in the US"

    Uh no, they don't.

    They only run what's at their lab. And its not technically or legally run by the lab, its run by Battelle Memorial Institute who manage the lab.

    You also got the Hanford Site co-location wrong, PNNL is literally on the Hanford Site, its located at the very southern edge of the property. A nuke reactor that sells commercial electricity is just north up the road from it, and an observatory for the LIGO project is there as well but I dont know where.

    Im sure that PNNL managing all supercomputing applications at DoE (by the way, DoE is the correct abbrevation, Defense does the same thing, the middle o is generally not capitalized) would be big news to the other National Labs like Oak Ridge and the Y-12 campus at Oak Ridge, Sandia South and North, Idaho, Savannah River, Lawrence Livermore, Berkeley, Brookhaven, Argonne, the NCSA at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (where Mosiac was developed among other things), would be a real shock to some of these labs which have hellacious supercomputers of their own, which they manage themselves.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No SPARC and no POWER processors needed anymore

    Hm...looks to me that you don't need industry leading companies like IBM or Oracle to build your HPC system. Subsequently you don't need industry leading companies to build the IT infrastructure of your enterprise either. Hey, it may even be the times when you were treated like a cash cow, and had to buy an expensive maintenance contract with some hardware and software attached are over?!?

    1. Ramazan

      Re: and had to buy an expensive maintenance contract .. are over


      The TASP of $12M includes the initial purchase plus year 1 maintenance and years 2-4 optional maintenance.  HPCS-4B is not part of this solicitation.

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