back to article AMD to get dense about servers – but in a good way

Maybe SeaMicro, the upstart maker of low-power microservers that dragged Intel kicking and screaming into the market, should have bought AMD instead of the other way around. Or maybe after the AMD transformation is all done some years hence, it will look like that is what happened anyway so the difference will be moot. There's …


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  1. lightknight


    And now that Intel has decided to stop building its own motherboards (3 year phase out), I imagine AMD is wondering what to do. If x86 isn't 'dead' as marketing has proclaimed, then AMD could have the entire x86 market for itself; that's a pretty sweet peach, assuming it could handle the volume.

    On the other hand, if x86 is dead (news to the tech community at large), hanging around (as opposed to, what, ARM?) is the better option.

    And with Intel largely out of the market, the margins / profits on x86 processors would be pretty sweet. More than enough to continue fueling x86 development until we have an optical chip breakthrough (and even then, x86 is just the instruction it could even transfer, much to the chagrin to many x86 Assembly coders).

    1. Boris S.

      Re: Lol


      Intel is not leaving the X86 market. Their desktop mobo group is being switched to other products, aka SoC's so Intel can get into tablets and more portables as AMD is already doing. Intel's desktop mobo group has been dying for a long time so it's no surprise they are being phased out.

      AMD was smart to buy Seamicro and will do well in Micro Servers which is a rapidly growing PC segment. With AMD in the upcoming X-Box and Play Station along with tablets and other portables, their revenue streams will be increasing significantly so GloFo and TSMC had better bet ready for the increased demand.

  2. rav

    AMD missing something....

    The problem with Tablets and mobiles is on-board storage. The poor solution now is "The Cloud". And evidentlly that is the new server market.

    Personally I don't use, want or need the cloud. As my data and software does not need to be stored where I can not get at it or is not under my control. What I want is a "Personal Cloud". I want a microserver that can connect to my tablet or mobile and send me what I need. This server would be in my house and under my control. AMD is well suited to provide this product.

    This does have to be anything more than a few terrabytes of storage with a 4g motherboard, maybe about the size of a couple of bricks.

  3. TeeCee Gold badge

    "ARM-based Opteron processors"

    Sounds a bit wordy that, will there be a product name? Armteron? Opterarm? Oparmon? Pokemon?

    I still reckon that 64-bit ARM processors for servers and the inevitable spinoffs, could well sell like hot cakes and turn AMD around.

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