back to article Wikimedia gets the travel bug with Wikivoyage

The Wikimedia foundation has extended its “mission is to empower a global volunteer community to collect and develop the world's knowledge” by adding a travel site to its portfolio of online services. Wikivoyage, as the new site is called, is billed as a non-commercial source of traveller-penned travel advice and already …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Travel sites high in results?

    I work for one of the aforementioned travel sites, and my job is related to making sure we appear in search results. Glad to see it's working!

  2. Tim Starling

    Wikitravel and WikiVoyage

    The author seems to be unaware of the relationship between Wikitravel and WikiVoyage. WikiVoyage is a fork of Wikitravel, started by people who were unhappy with the way Wikitravel was managed by Internet Brands. WikiVoyage started outside of Wikimedia, and its community later asked to become part of Wikimedia. The recent announcement from Wikimedia marks the completion of this merger.

    1. Gavin McMenemy

      Re: Wikitravel and WikiVoyage

      So wait a minute I can now look at this:

      There's a lot of duplication among all 3 sites!

  3. John Lilburne

    Adverts come to Wikipedia.

    This is what Gibraltarpedia was was the forerunner for

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Oh dear ...

    One can hope that it'll be more accurate than Wikitravel - it's difficult to see how it could be otherwise.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I won't contribute to WikiMedia sites....

    It's a shame that WikiVoyage is now a WikiMedia site, because

    a) I see the same errors as in WikiTravel (not suprisingly)(1)

    b) I could correct some of them, but

    c) After battling deletionistas on Wikipedia, I have no desire to contribute to any WikiMedia site until they clean that behavior up.

    Since c) will likely happen shortly after 535 totally honest and trustworthy people are elected to Congress and shortly before the end of the universe, I don't see contributing to Wiki[Voyage|Travel] any time soon.


    Personally, when I search for trip information, I look for 2 kinds of info:

    a) Information from locals, who will be biased, but will have greater depth of knowledge


    b) Information from as not-local as I can find, as they may be more objective.

    I hate that I cannot tell Google "look: DO YOU SEE ME SPECIFYING ''? What part of the makes you think I want to see the same Amazon, TripAdvisor, et. al. sites I'd see under .com, just because they also exist under"


    (1) do NOT travel across Kansas on I70 - that is the most BORING way to go. Drop south and take US-166 and US-160. No wonder nobody thinks we have no scenery!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I won't contribute to WikiMedia sites....


      Nobody thinks we have any scenery


      everybody thinks we have no scenery.

      And I'm out of my edit time window.

      Damn it.

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