back to article Symantec to offload Altiris: report

Almost six years to the day since announcing it would acquire infrastructure management outfit Altiris for a cool $US830m, Symantec is said to be offloading the company. The Wall Street Journal reports “people familiar with the process” Symantec is willing to offload the products it acquired for less than the purchase price. …


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  1. unredeemed

    Good riddance

    The only folks that liked the product were the Symantec SE's that were fed the kool-aid. Well that and some of the original customers where they still had a fantastic server and desktop backup tool, that got deprecated in favor of Ghost and BackupExec, what a joke and huge step down in functionality.

    The product was overly complex, required a lot of server hardware, invasive on the desktop, and very slow to adopt new OS's from MS (It took more than 2yrs to support Win2k8). Then to make matters worse, Symantec was pushing it to all their AV customers and BackupExec installs. Saying that Altiris is the best way to deploy software. NO THANK YOU and good riddance!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Good riddance

      For years here we've operated a policy that if we owned any product acquired by Symantec, we would move to an alternative as soon as reasonably possible. We know they're gonna fuck up anything they touch, and once you accept this is the case a managed move to an alternative is cheaper and less disruptive than waiting for the inevitable then engaging in a mad scramble.

    2. Chris 58

      Re: Good riddance

      Altiris WAS a great product, BEFORE symantec touched it. Like oh so many things that Symantec buys, it started as a really good idea and a pretty good product. Them Symantec goes mucking it up and turns it into a piece of crap. We recently changed vendors for those products because it had gotten so bad.

  2. APJ

    Symantec Blight

    As with BE, Symantec took a good product, with a positive reputation and a decent, competitive feature set, and ruined it. The failure to keep up with System Center is maybe understandable, but the insistence that Altiris will become the chassis for the rest of the endpoint components to bolt into was a massively ambitious concept which rammed Altiris down the throats of lots of orgs that didn't want it, and it's hard to argue that Altiris was the right product for the job.

    RIP a leading management tool of the 1990s.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Help desk

    Unfortunately, we use this stuff at work. The worst is their help desk. What a turd!

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