back to article Razer uncages Core i7, GeForce megaslab for hardcore gamers

Games peripherals specialist Razer is finally bringing to market the concept gaming tablet it introduced at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). A year after unveiling "Project Fiona" at CES 2012, Razer used CES 2013 to unveil the Edge - geddit?! - a 1.7GHz Intel Core i5-based 10.1in, 1366 x 768 pixel megaslab. It's …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well.. that'll nicely build up the forearms.

    1. Babbit55

      Looks like it will be a little bit of awesome though! shame you can't really upgrade it, as lets face it, games and pc hardware for games moves damn quickly and shedding out near a grand every 6 months would suck

      1. jai


        PC gamers expect to have to, and be able to, upgrade all the time.

        Console gamers would be the ideal market for this, 'cept they'll dislike it because it's a PC gaming rig at heart.

        While I'm sure lots of people will sign up for more info, I wonder exactly how many will translate into real sales.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          PC gamers tend to expect a mouse and keyboard... so the upgrading

        2. NumptyScrub

          quote: "Console gamers would be the ideal market for this, 'cept they'll dislike it because it's a PC gaming rig at heart."

          Since a lot of PC games are console ports these days (to the point where playing a PC title using the MS XBox controller even shows the correct controller button icons!) it may well appeal to the console crowd ;)

          I'm more worried about the "1.7GHz" i5... since the one I recently bought was 3.4GHz, this is a significant drop in grunt for something touted as a PC gaming platform. Don't expect to play Planetside 2 at a decent framerate with that, regardless of the GPU.

          For the blatant console ports though (Borderlands 2, Saints Row 3, Batman: Arkham City etc.) it'll be absolutely fine performance wise, they run ok on a 360 after all. Install Steam, look out for anything that says "controller enabled" (read: XBox port) on special, and away you go :D

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Doubles battery life ...

    ... From 2 to 4 minutes ...

  3. DrXym Silver badge

    Should have coloured it green

    Since only the Hulk would be able to hold up one of these monstrosities for any length of time in order to play on it.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Do I

    Get a free egg to fry on the back of it?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    looks almost as good for gaming as an intellivision... the intelivision probably had better controllers though

  6. The FunkeyGibbon

    Looks N-Gage-ing...

    And by that I mean a shit idea.

  7. alabony

    Expensive, but at least it'll heat your house too.

    How much heat will this thing generate?? As Larry mentioned below, it's gonna run pretty hot, and what kind of cooling can they shoehorn into a tablet? Or are those add-on outboard handles mainly intended to prevent melted hands while playing?

    1. Danny 14

      Re: Expensive, but at least it'll heat your house too.

      "To avoid overheating maximum screen brightness has been reduced"

      1. Greg J Preece

        Re: Expensive, but at least it'll heat your house too.

        "To avoid overheating maximum screen brightness has been reduced"

        So it's not an N-Gage, as suggested above; it's a fucking Lynx!

  8. RedToasty

    Hardly gaming PC spec is it, the GPU can't even manage BF3 on low -

    I've got a higher spec, similar price, gaming laptop from a year or so ago. It chugs playing anything new on medium settings, the mobile CPUs aren't a patch on the desktop version either. Not really sure who this is aimed at.

    1. annodomini2
      Thumb Down

      Hardly a fair comparison when it doesn't state what resolution the test is run at!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Give it a touch screen & load it with Windows 8, it will fly off the shelves.

  10. Panzerbjorn
    Thumb Up


    This looks very interesting, but I would definitely want to handle it before sinking any cash into this...

  11. annodomini2

    1366x768 @ £600-£800 ROFLMAO!

    Given a plethora of new generation fondleslabs are well above this at much lower price point, it's a bit of a joke.

    1. Rampant Spaniel

      I thought much the same initially, but given it's primarily aimed at gaming I expect the screen res is low to give the gpu half a chance at coping. A 1080p screen would look good outside of games but that cpu (likely the ultrabook or slower kind) and gpu would roll over and die trying to run games at 1080p. The other option would be using a 1080p screen and running games non native res, but that would likely look pants.

      1. annodomini2

        But given you can get a higher spec'd laptop with 1080p for around this cash, why bother?

        1. Rampant Spaniel

          I'm tempted by a windows slate for tethered studio shooting, but not this for games. Theres possibly a limited market for rentals on flights and of course the more money than sense crowd might grab a few, but basically this is fecking useless. Apologies if I gave the impression I liked it in my above post, I don't, I was just attempted to explain the low res.

  12. chiller

    Let me ...

    ... quickly adopt my 'not convinced' pose.

  13. Tom 35

    Looks more like a mid-level gaming laptop

    Then a real gaming PC to me.

    Should be able to cook up a grilled cheese while you play.

    Do you get a tump strap with the battery add on?

  14. Katie Saucey

    No mention of wi-fi?

    No way I'd shell out for it, just to play single player Civ V (which is all it'd be good for).

    1. Katie Saucey

      Re: No mention of wi-fi?

      Opps guess they did...anyway it still blows.

  15. Mark Leaver
    Thumb Down

    Does the thing run WOW?

    I am guessing that it would run my other favourite game Football Manager, but will it run wow. I am kind of guessing no it wont. While it is a good looking piece of kit, I dont think that it would manage to even render wow in a reasonable fashion.

    1. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: Does the thing run WOW?

      Have a look at Tomshardware... they give the impression that multiplayer games like WOW are more taxing on the CPU than purely action games, but you'll have to chase down the details.

  16. Dave 126 Silver badge

    It just seems to me...

    ...that the better solution would be to have it just act as a display and controller for a desktop machine on your network. Okay, it wouldn't then be mobile... but then its limited by its battery life anyway.

    Still, good to see it available; people can make their own minds up.

    For really muscular forearms, there is a Nofan (nee Nofen) passive cooler good for CPUs up to 100W TDP (a bit overkill for this processor, I'm sure), that weighs 1KG. I imagine it protruding from the casing like a an air intake does from the hood of a 1970s American muscle car. Though be careful where you flash that quantity of copper... buggers thieve it round here.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It's underpowered and has a crappy screen res. It's over priced and that's not even talking about the peripherals.

    None of this would matter if it wasn't for the fact that in a year at most it'll also be junk.

  18. JustNiz

    1366 x 768 is laughable on such a device. I cant beleive they didnt go at least 1920x1080.

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