back to article GlobalFoundries plunks $2bn into New York fab

GlobalFoundries, the amalgamation of AMD and Chartered Semiconductor's fabs and the world's second largest independent wafer baker, is taking a $2bn pile of cash and building a new research center that hangs off its flagship Fab 8 plant in Malta, New York in an effort to keep pace with rival Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing …


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  1. Ian Michael Gumby

    Just curious...

    I wonder if the Fab Plant get's its power from the Niagara River Power station?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Just curious...

      Power from Niagara is all along the eastern seaboard, Canada, Michigan and Ohio. Back around a decade ago when a power company in Ohio triggered an event that knocked power out to most of the above, Niagara turbines were shutdown automatically like all of the other plants. So, yes, some of the power would come the Niagara power station as well as other mixed in.

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