back to article Faster-than-disk 1TB USB on sale soon... but if you lose it, you've lost £2k+

CES is the time to introduce new gadget gizmos and Kingston, SanDisk and Toshiba have stepped up to the flash front to parade their latest gear. SanDisk has updated two of its SSDs with Toshiba 19nm NAND and increased performance. Kingston has introduced a terabyte USB memory stick - damned expensive if you lose it - and …


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  1. Steve Crook

    I think the main purchaser of the Kingston will be...

    Local government and the civil service. Now, they'll be able to lose all their databases in one go having made sure they're unencumbered by encryption. They won't even have to do an extract to be able to fit the information on the drive. Or am I being unduly cynical?

    When the price has dropped below £100 (I'm not holding my breath) I'd definitely be interested in using one for offsite backups. I can post them to friends for them to keep for me. Encrypted of course.

  2. Anonymous John

    A terabyte USB memory stick

    It's impressive just how much data you can leave on the train nowadays.

  3. Nextweek

    From the movies

    This is clearly that magic USB stick they use in the movies, when the spy plugs it into a PC and downloads the complete plans for a new weapon. There is no 10min wait whilst it copies the last megabyte with their USB dongles, just before the guards break into the room of course...

    1. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: From the movies

      Using, of course, some mock up of a UI that doesn't exist in the real world. Of the top of my head, Swordfish, The Echelon Conspiracy, Minority Report and Jurassic Park come to mind... though common components include windows with lots of numbers scrolling by, and a nice big status bar.

      Hmmm, I could see a sister-article to the Reg's Top Ten Sci Fi computers coming on.

      1. TehWarl0ck

        Re: From the movies

        Not total fiction

      2. Jolyon Smith

        Re: From the movies

        Sorry for the downvote, but it had to be done because the UI in Jurassic Park was actually real. Experimental for sure, and never actually made it as a product as far as I know (though others have taken inspiration from it subsequently), but it wasn't some mocked up for the movie, imaginary UI.

      3. Adam 1

        Re: From the movies


      4. AbelSoul

        Re: From the movies

        Not forgetting that any text will appear on screen in the old vidi-printer style, with appropriate sound effects.

    2. Graham Marsden

      Re: From the movies

      Well, yes.

      Yesterday's Science Fiction is tomorrow's science fact...

  4. Anonymous Coward

    One reason to buy...

    Fits in the car stereo on my ferrarri


      Re: One reason to buy...

      You laugh but I already do this sort of thing with my truck.

      Sooner or later, there's bound to be a 1TB one in there. It's just a matter of time. The one that's there now would have been considered science fiction when some of the files on it were originally created.

      Cloud? ppppffffffttt!

  5. Oddb0d

    Where did you get those prices?

    Just out of interest I clicked through to see how much Kingston's own webshop charges for the 512GB Predator, surprisingly it lists at US$1337... YA RLY. BTW the picture of said drive is quite deceptive as they're physically quite large and will not fit in some USB ports.

  6. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

    Size problem

    So, our 1.5 Terapixel image (aerial image of entire (undisclosed) country) will not fit on that usb-stick?


    Mine is the one with the 2TB disk in the pocket

  7. Robert Helpmann??


    You tell me the logic of buying the expensive little bleeder, faster than disk or not.

    It makes a statement... which goes something like, "I have a lot of money and can afford this, but you can't." The same person will probably use it in conjunction with Dell's PC-on-a-stick.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Logic

      Isn't the statement more like "I have a small penis and I'm desperately hoping this will impress you, as I'm such a boring wanker that no one can stand talking to me for more than a few minutes".

  8. Adze


    Hasn't that been done already? IIRC correctly it was free too! (*conditions may apply)

    *Must spend $2k on a penknife to qualify for free 1TB USB

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's USB, so a CPU hog. Where's the eSATA or Thunderbolt memory sticks?

    1. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Build your own with an mSata SSD:

      You'll have to work out the power supply, though.

  10. Graham Marsden
    Big Brother

    "An automatic cryptographic-erase occurs...

    "...if an unexpected host attempts to access the HDDs or if a defined number of authentication failures occurs. In other words the key access information is deleted rendering the data contents inaccessible junk."

    So how's that going to affect cases where the Police abuse anti-terrorist legislation and say "Give us your password or we put you in jail for two years"?

    "Certainly officer, the password is XN157s88s9b08g9xyh!adf*TH&7"

    "That didn't work"

    "Maybe you mis-typed it, try again."

    "It still didn't work"

    "Oh, sorry, that should have be capital X, small n at the start, try it now"

    "Ah, right, now it's doing something..."

    1. Aldous
      Thumb Down

      Re: "An automatic cryptographic-erase occurs...

      you'll get the two (or 5 year) RIPA conviction and get additional time for contempt of court/impeding a police investigation/wasting police time etc

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: "An automatic cryptographic-erase occurs...

        And just how are you going to prove that unless you already knew the password?

  11. illiad


    'Faster-than-disk' does not equal '530MB/sec and 445MB/se respectively through a 6Gbit/s SATA interface'

    It SHOULD equal **6Gbit/s** on a SATA interface...

    BUT a proper thumbdrive with an esata plug is still waiting for 'powered esata sockets'... :/

    there are many specs, but in real life, it takes about 2 seconds to to transfer 30MB files from my sata cardreader to disc, and 20 secs from usb..

  12. Graham Wilson

    Ho Hum, I'll wait.

    I'll wait a year or two until they're $5 each then buy a pack of three from the box of cheapie junk near the checkout counter.

    (Just repeat what I'm doing now.)

  13. Silverburn
    Thumb Up

    Good to see...

    ...some vendors having fun with the tech.

    "Do you think we build a 1tb USB stick? It's completely stupid, but I've got all the bits lying about right here..."

    "Yeah, why the f* not. I'll get my soldering iron."

  14. herman Silver badge

    1TB SSD for Linux

    I am currently running Linux on my lappy using a 1TB HDD fastened to the lid with double sided tape and a USB3 port. (The internal HDD has the corporate Windoze 7 which screwed up at the last update and which is now unbootable - sigh). That Kingston SSD will be fantastic, once the price came down a wee little bit.

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