back to article 2013 in storage: Flash, file systems and... Is CDMI actually HAPPENING?

There are a lot of things bubbling away in the storage pot at the moment and it appears to be almost ready to serve. Acquisitions are adding ingredients and we should see quite a few in early 2013 as well as firms snap up tech to flesh out the next generation of storage arrays. Yes, we will see some more tick-tock refreshes; …


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  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Of course it is happening

    There's wayyy too much marketing muscle and bedazzled managers about to not have it happen and, with mobile computing, there is a strong argument for it.

    Of course, you also have the all those fingers looking for a new pie (mobile operators, handset vendors, tablet makers, etc).

    It's the security aspect of the cloud that intelligent people are worried about, not its usefulness.

    And given the amount of importance the security element has had in the evolution of Facebook, I wouldn't bet the farm on the cloud being any more secure than that.

    But for the Facebook-sharing mobile tweeters, the cloud will be just peachy.

  2. pPPPP

    It's not just flash which will move closer to the server. Functionality will have to too. The only way you can guarantee security in the cloud is to encrypt data using a mechanism owned by the user, i.e. keys stored in the application or the server. Drive-based or applicance-based encryption don't work in the cloud as data is still transferred unencrypted.

    This of course makes deduplication, thin-provisioning, copy services etc more difficult to host entirely within the appliance.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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