Blackberry Playbook Price

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    Blackberry Playbook Price

    Anyone else noticed that the price of 64GB Playbooks has gone up in PC World? Used to be £129, (went down to £119 for a short while), now £149. Presumably they're having no trouble shifting them if they've had the confidence to up the price.

    Having fiddled around with a few other tablets I still prefer the BB. I specifically like its clever user interface (it makes an iPad feel tedious). I also like its seemingly very complete web browser. Is it the last one out there to include a Flash player? Certainly the BB Playbook demonstrates that Steve Job's assertion 'Flash won't work on a mobile device' was pure bull shit. It works just fine.

    I think £149 is still terrifically good value for them (but I'm pleased I bought my second at £119!).

  2. badra100

    If you want an extremely portable mini-computer then without a doubt this is the way to go. It has excellent hardware and the user interface is 2nd to none. Software is improving by the day.

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