back to article EMC flies in Azure bods for TOP SECRET 'data plane' project

We hear from insiders that EMC has a new all-encompassing storage system in development that includes object storage. It's based in Seattle, it's called the Bourne Project, and EMC no doubt hopes it will kick ass like the eponymous hero of the movies. But there's some doubt surrounding the new project's impact on current …


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  1. Magellan

    Sounds like the return of Invista

    Out of band storage virtualization, that was Invista's domain. It lost IBM's in-band SVC storage virtualization.

    However, VMware ESX 6 vVols will provide a new storage abstraction. Perhaps Bourne will have hooks into ESX 6 to provide more automation.

    1. J.T

      Re: Sounds like the return of Invista

      Invista lives on as part of Vplex, if you use EMC Powerpath it identifies VPLEX luns as invista. EMC combined the invista technology with Yada Yada ip to add Active-Active clustering and made it a much better product in terms of performance and scalability with much more serious array hardware.

  2. Steve Knox

    "Azure bods"

    Anyone else read "Azure Bonds" and have a flutter of nostalgia for the SSI D&D games...?

    *sigh* I'm old...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pay Attention

    The article quotes discussion about "control plane(s)”.

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