back to article Don't let your data centre be overtaken

The last decade has seen massive leaps in performance and capability across all areas of IT, enabling organisations of all shapes and sizes to do business in new ways, or do it better and more effectively. Yet many companies feel that the service delivered by IT often falls short of what is needed and expected. The result is a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    So, first you undertake making a data center, but then your data center is overtaken... and then you have to call the undertaker.


    You lost me at Cloud.

  3. mikedoubleu

    Well, first post. Had to sign up to comment.

    The cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud thing is becoming tedious.

    Time and time again people ask me about the cloud. I ask them if they would like to pay more than they are now for their hardware, software, and internet connection so that they MIGHT be able to spend less on the payroll, and trust somebody else to loose all their data or cut them off from their IT infrastructure? Undoubtedly, the answer is no.

    Also, why havent you used pie charts? Your bar graph thingies make no sense.

    Also, what about cloud?

    1. Peter Gathercole Silver badge

      Ultimately I agree

      Ultimately I agreere is about private cloud, so data security is still your/their responsibillity.

      1. MissingSecurity

        Re: Ultimately I agree

        I suppose this varies by company, but we just recently went through this at my work. I wasn't even the IT Admin at the time, but all I was hear was were going to put this and that in the cloud and all our network problems are solved!

        Than the real world hit, They went ahead with their cloud installation for our finance software. I gave them plenty of "this is not what you want" and "we can do this already with a little more investment..."Oh, but the redundant storage" or "faster connections".

        And here we are, a new year, a new budget, and I am still putting in the new IT system the cloud was going to save, for 1/3 the cost. I realize that DR and uptimes become vary important for vary large organizations but for some SME (or probably most). The cost for the "cloud" "benefits" are not justified.

        Off-site replication, DR server, virtualization (hell if you want you could even toss up an open stack) are all possible without a full blown cloud that get marketed to execs.

        Well, I guess for the next year or so all the help calls I get will be "did you send in a ticket to the provider?" or "Sorry, I have no control over that."

This topic is closed for new posts.

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