back to article So, you want to get closer to the workers with social media?

We often hear how social networking has the potential to revolutionise the way we communicate and collaborate in business. People like to gossip, to share information, to argue and to chat, and will use whichever media are available to do so. For proof, we need only consider the inexorable rise of services such as Facebook and …


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  1. Lukester
    IT Angle

    So Nokia's engineers are to blame?

    Or did Stephen Elop just not listen? Certainly more of a chance for the CEO's to hear what's happening on the frontline, if only they'd actually take action.

    Normally when feedback comes up through the sanitising management chain it changes on the way up. So shit becomes manure becomes fertiliser becomes conditions for growth!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Death to "Social Media" in the Workplace, now and forever!

    I do not and will not have any type of so called social networking account. No Linked In, no Facebook, nothing...

    If an employer wanted me to have one so they could communicate with me I would tell them a resounding "NO"!

    Any employer who wishes to contact me already has a phone # and an email address. Neither will be of any use after required hours of employment, especially on weekends.

    I am not a Luddite, however, my personal time is MINE. My PRIVACY is MINE. My home is my CASTLE and once I am there, I do what I please, when I please. If my employer wishes to pay me 24/7/365 plus all applicable overtime and shift premiums, then I might reconsider.

    "Feel Good" Communication from some bigwig or HR drone does not matter and has no place. If I want to hear propaganda, I can find it on their website.

    1. frank ly

      Re: Death to "Social Media" in the Workplace, now and forever!

      Because of the work/life balance thing, HR need to check to make sure you're playing with the kids or weeding the flowerbeds, etc (choose any four from an approved list of fifteen).

      You're obviously not a team player!

      1. Dan Paul

        Re: Death to "Social Media" in the Workplace, now and forever!

        Droll... very droll.

        You Sir, are a master of sarcasm...

  3. Khaptain Silver badge

    The hidden agenda

    Datamining works on employees as much as on anything else.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    what about ESN

    ESNs like BlueKiwi, what about them. You only need to use them whilst at work.

    Are these social networks OK?

  5. The BigYin


    I do not express personal opinions at work, only professional ones (if you see what I mean). I will do my utmost to make sure projects work and are delivered on time, even if I personally think the focus is totally wrong e.g. Surface is going to outsell all other tablets - so only worry about that, forget Android, OS X, iOS etc.

    My professional opinion is: we should stick to standards where possible and maintain portability to ease client migrations; we have to deploy on their current equipment after all.

    My personal opinion is: Surface? WTF? Are you high? Have you actually used that vomit? You do know RT is a crippled POS, don't you? Are you paying attention to the real world at all?

    One of these I will express at work, the other not so much. And as the professional opinion does not appear to be dissent, it actually gets listened to without giving them any clue as to what I really think.

  6. Lallabalalla
    Thumb Down

    You must be joking

    This is the same as making your boss your "friend" on facebook. It's suicide.

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