back to article Convirture finally control freaks ESXi hypervisor

Convirture, one of the early entrants to put out virtualization and cloud management tools, has finally done what it has needed to do for years to break into the big-time with enterprises: Support VMware's ESXi hypervisor with its ConVirt control freak. A cynic would say that this is when VMware will swoop in to buy Convirture …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I understand the importance of it and how great it will be to have ESXi control outside of VMware but for pricing it looks like they have taken the one off cost with VMware and replaced it with a cost per host plus the normal VMware host license costs making it more expensive for all but he smallest deployments that would not look at this anyway.

    Looks to be more of a tick the box than actually worth using unless it was to help move to free hypervisors.

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