Win8 drivers affecting Win7?

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  1. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    Win8 drivers affecting Win7?

    Still investigating this issue but I'm keen to hear from anyone with a clue about it:

    A very recent purchase of an Acer laptop with W7 has been delivered with an apparently non-functioning right-button on the trackpad. Turns out the switch itself is fine; the synaptics driver disables the right-button (or the left, if you select left-handed mouse) completely, and offers no option to enable it.

    This looks like a W8 thing but none of the W8 motions do anything helpful; neither slide in from sides or top/bottom do anything more than move the pointer and a two-finger tap does nothing. Curiously, pinch does zoom (albeit slowly).

    As I said, I'm still investigating, but any input would be appreciated.



    1. Dan Paul

      Re: Win8 drivers affecting Win7?


      Try looking at "Problems with Tap to click" in your searches. perhaps the laptop is confused by having Windows 8 Hardware and running Windows 7. Just had something similar happen using a new Windows 8 compatible Logitech wireless keyboard with built in touchpad (for my media pc). It just did not want to click, it preffered to "tap". A driver update for the keyboard helped.

      On the other hand you may have to delete and reinstall the drivers with a full reboot in between.

  2. ryankidman

    facing same problem uninstalled windows 7 and then working on windows 8 now its better

  3. jainpranav
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    I didn't find any kind of this problem with my System while working with this

  4. jason321

    Got curious on this and did a small research but there is no much information about it. However I found someone else with a sound card problem after switching OS from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

    In terms of hardware there should be no problem but the drivers may be changed since they are the ones controlling hardware operations. Don't know if this post I read will give you more ideas

    You will see a similar issue comprehensively discussed but its between Vista and XP.

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