back to article Is this the sleek new BlackBerry mobe that will save RIM jobs?

A gallery of the first BlackBerry handset running RIM's new QNX-powered operating system has spilled onto the interwebs. Portions of the device, which are awaiting approval from mobile network operators, have been glimpsed for several months - but this is by far the fullest detail available. The photos reveal a lush high-end …


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  1. Efros

    Rounded Corners!

    Beware the Apple!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Rounded Corners!

      Boring! Tedious! Has been said before umpteen-dozen times! Unoriginal!

      1. Sporkinum

        Re: Rounded Corners!

        What are you? A freaking Dalek?

  2. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    A fine RIM piece?

    I'll get my coat.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    I saw 'RIM Jobs'

    and immediately had an image of Steve Jobs in a suit, albeit wearing a poloneck.

    Whilst typing in 'RIM Jobs' into the title, i also realised....well it doens't matter. Ahem.

  4. fawlty

    can't wait for the ip lawyers to ride out...

    death to the infidel they scream as they ride their steeds out of cupertino...

    At least the journos will have something to talk about now that samsung v apple has gone (a bit) quieter.

  5. James 51

    Looks nice but I'll hold out for the model with a keyboard.

  6. Richard Wharram

    Glossy init?

    Looks a bit glarey :/

  7. mark l 2 Silver badge

    I know its childish but 'RIM jobs'

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Goodness me

    It's a modern smartphone with a touch screen, and it's turned off.. so it's a small black slab. Truly significant and revelatory :)

  9. Thecowking

    Or watch the video

    On that obscure website, the BBC

    Looks like the same phone to me.

  10. Usually Right or Wrong

    But it has rounded corners!

    It's a rectangle with rounded corners, won't that get then into trouble with patent lawyers?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: But it has rounded corners!

      Boring! Tedious!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: But it has rounded corners!

        You know what else is boring and tedious? People saying "Boring! Tedious!"

        Just ignore the comment, they will die out.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nice design. Apple, Nokia and BB can do attractive devices, why can't HTC and Samsung?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

      Just because *you* say HTC and Samsung can't do nice designs doesn't make it so for everybody else. Your world view is not shared by all.

    2. nichomach
      Thumb Down

      Looking at the ...

      ...nicely understated, sleek little Galaxy S Advance on my desk at the moment, I would have to assume that you're talking about a different Samsung.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    That definitely looks like a smartphone.

  13. Andrew Baines Silver badge

    BB User

    OK, I admit it - I'm the one with a PlayBook, so will probably stick with BlackBerry. Once a proper keyboard's been bolted to this, may upgrade from my 9700. Will definitely upgrade if they allow you to disable the touch screen - driving my wife nuts on her 9900 - touch phone to ear, turn on speaker phone.

    1. Piro Silver badge

      Re: BB User

      That's a bit piss poor - all other touchscreen phones have a little proximity sensor built in to power off the screen when you're in a call.

      1. PapaBravo

        Re: BB User

        ...and the 9900 does have a proximity sensor built in to prevent that. I'm guessing that it might be an old OS that she has installed on it.

  14. present_arms

    that photo

    on the main page looks like my LG Optimus 3D except it has Blackberry where my 4 Capacitive buttons are

  15. 404

    I want

    Take my money!


  16. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    UI "not the coolest but by far the most productive"

    I hear that. Android and iOS... suck ass (hey, I'm sticking with the RIM jobs theme!)

    Now bring back the QWERTY keyboard...

  17. Piro Silver badge

    Had a look at the demos

    Reminds me a LOT of WebOS, with a touch of Maemo thrown in.

    No bad thing..

  18. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Surprisingly strong following

    amongst salewhorespeople. A group not generally known for love of complex unless it "just works".

  19. Irongut

    Looks pretty nice. Unfortunately for RIM I just upgraded my Android but if BB10 performs as well as this looks it could be a winner.

  20. toadwarrior

    The look an android without the malware. I think they have a winner!

  21. ted frater

    A proper keyboard?

    Ill belive it when I see it.

    Im sick to death of form following fashion.

    form must follow function. ~Doesnt any hanndset maker see this?

    any one recall the Psion 5? or the nokia 9210I

    both had PROPER keyboards,

    Why? because people that use ordinary keyboards with their PC's want the same on their handsets.

    Why? again?

    They want to concetrate on the content of what their typing not on how to type.

    an on screen keyboard is there cos its cheaper to make, and theres more profit for the hand set makers.

    I counted up the no of buttons on my 9210I theres over 70.


    Its a joy to text on.

    Wether RIM have the foresight to do the new one with a properly sized keyboard, well have to wait and see.

    If they have the guts to buck the fashion trend Ill get one tho I somwhat doubt it.

    Until a handset maker does the money will stay in my pocket.

    How about a survey?

    If you want a proper keyboard in a handset make your view known by writing just a YES here on this forum.


    Driven by results NOT fashion.

    1. Piro Silver badge

      Re: A proper keyboard?

      Just buy a phone with a keyboard then...

      1. Ramiro
        Thumb Down

        Re: A proper keyboard?

        There aren't many left...

      2. ted frater

        Re: A proper keyboard?

        Theres a BIG difference between say a blackberry keyboard and a PROPER one like on the Psion 5 or nokia 9210i

        Perhaps your nor aware of the difference.

        There isnt a phone made with a proper keyboard.

        Ive seached for it for 2 yrs!

        If there was one good enough Id have found it.

        Its not for the lack of trying!

        hope you follow


        1. Don Jefe

          Re: A proper keyboard?


          Do you

          Space your messages

          Out in such

          An annoying manner?

          Make a sentence

          Or even a paragraph

          But please stop with the double spaced


          1. ted frater

            Re: A proper keyboard?

            I dont do the double spacing, Im using thunderbird. mail programme in Linux.

        2. Raz

          Re: A proper keyboard? @ted frater

          What is your definition of a proper keyboard? I also like phones with physical keyboards, and I was OK with BlackBerries, then I had an HTC/Tmobile G2, where the keyboard was not as good as the BBs, but still better than the virtual ones.

    2. David Glasgow

      Re: A proper keyboard?

      I'm confused. Is it driven by results or function? And WTF does either mean?

      My daughter taps away on her keyboard and says she likes it. I like screen where the keys would be.

      Isn't it just personal preference?

      1. ted frater

        Re: A proper keyboard?

        A hand set is just a tool to do a job.

        Different folk want their handsets to do different things.

        I use tools all the time and what I use has to deliver results, as I earn my living from them.

        So for example my lathe is designed to turn metal its not a fashion item designed to look pretty or have street cred over what its meant to do. Its designed from the frame up to be functional.

        So a handset for me has to meet my needs. these are primarily to have

        1. a good clear screen,

        2. a proper keyboard

        3. a decent sized battery

        4.a fold up design to protect the k/board and screen

        5. a strong case to be strong enough to withstand knocks, wet, and being in a pocket with hardware, ie nuts bolts tools etc.

        Once you have the form factor right, you then can put any software you like on it.

        Wether its simple Symbian or android or QNX.

        Also Ive big hands so small keys are a waste of time.

        If you gave me a Blackberry for free I couldnt use it.

        Ive tried the Dell Streak mini, beautiful handset, miss type all the time on the on screen k/board.

        No feed back like a button k/board.

        do you understand now?


        1. Raz

          Re: A proper keyboard? @ted frater Posted Thursday 13th December 2012 04:06 GMT

          No, I don't understand. You keep going on and on about what you want, but you don't say WHAT you want. How would a "proper" keyboard look in your mind? The only thing I've got is that you've got big hands (I do as well) so the keys have to be big. Again, I had a BB where the keyboard was smaller than the one in the T-Mobile G2 (as seen here but still easier to type on.

          You want 3 rows or 4 rows of keys? Responsiveness? Material?

          If you tried the Dell Streak, have you also tried the Samsung Note or Note 2? Way better screen.

          1. ted frater

            Re: A proper keyboard? @ted frater Posted Thursday 13th December 2012 04:06 GMT

            But I Do know what I want.

            In my 1st post I mentioned the Psion 5 and the nokia 9210i

            Google for them and youll see or pics of them on Ebay.

            I use the nokia now and also have the P5 here as an example of what I find is the ideal k/board.

            Do let me know if you follow when you have had a look at these 2 examples.



            1. Don Jefe

              Re: A proper keyboard? @ted frater Posted Thursday 13th December 2012 04:06 GMT

              The OP apparently

              Wants to speak like Capt Kirk.

              Your keyboard

              Cannot help you.

              Kirk Out.

  22. K
    Thumb Up


    ok its not sleek or flashing, but to me it looks quite understated, which for a "Professional" perspective could be quite appealing. The only real tell though will be the spec and features.

    I wish them the best of luck with it.. Let face it the dual between iOS and Android is getting boring!

  23. JaitcH

    find the gallery here on a Vietnamese forum with bandwidth issues

    The 'bandwidth issues", if referring to speed, arise from the fact our international links are continually broken by fishermen.

    Luckily, I can access El Reg - this time served from Rackspace, USA.

  24. Anonymous Coward

    Looks familiar

    Tedious, maybe. But his thing looks more like the iPhone 5 than anything Samsung could do.

  25. JeffyPooh

    How many years until phone hardware becomes a commodity?

    My point will perhaps become more obvious when people start porting cracked versions of phone OSes between hardware platforms. Boot up a Samsung with iOS, or maybe port BB10 into a generic hardware platform (as may have happened here - LOL).

    "15 feet of car" (Clarkson on a particularly boring BWM 3-series) will become "4.3 inches of phone".

  26. MikeyWilko
    Thumb Up

    Do you like keys? You'll love these...

    A new BB10 handset with a proper keyboard is on the way and may or may not be here before June...according to this anyway:

    Looks pretty decent my opinion obviously!

  27. Z-Eden
    Thumb Up

    Definitely interested now. I'm due for a new phone in the new year and this will be one to consider..

  28. JCitizen

    Uuh! UHHhhhhuhu! - Huh!

    He said Rim Job! ]:)

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