back to article Email is so last century

Over the course of the past year or two we have started to hear that email is becoming less relevant in this era of social networking. With websites such as Facebook grabbing the world’s attention and organisations encouraged to communicate with all and sundry via sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn, many are seriously …


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  1. Khaptain Silver badge

    Trick question

    <Quote>Just how valuable is email to business operations? This is an important question that business and IT people rarely consider.<endquote>

    Was this a trick question ?

    Depending on the business, Email is the number 2 tool after the ERP. And on some occasions Email is directly linked into the ERP.

    It's not a question of importance, it's more of a case that Email is the business.......

    Obviously, by business I mean corporate entities, not business such as Cabinet Makers or Key Cutters. ( No offence to either).

    I wouldn't even like to begin to estimate how many companies would simply be incapable of BAU if the email server went down... An hour is already a "huge" amount of time for some....never mind days or worse..

    It is actually quite ridiculous to compare email to FB or Twitter, they are very different products designed for very different users. Email is an electronic messaging systems ( kind of replaces Ye Olde Worlde hand written personal letter), FB and Twitter are electronic "chatting" systems ( they replace more the Backyard Chatter over the Garden Fence).

  2. Forget It

    FB sends plenty of email out to tell you someone you don't know has posted an image etc.

    I call it spam but it's just keeping email's head above water apparently.

  3. Chuunen Baka
    Thumb Down

    If email is declining as it's only because IM partially replaces it between colleagues and close business partners. But FB and Twitter? You cannot be serious.

    1. P. Lee

      Mostly, IM replaces putting your hand over the telephone mic and mouthing something to your colleagues about the idiot on the phone.

  4. the old rang

    Social (disease) networking is so next virus...

    With ALMOST All social network platforms engaging in giving your information to liberal governments (for free)...

    NSA having anything they missed from that donation...

    People using said social 'friendships' to plot when to do robberies, rapes, and other mayhem...

    The (deadstream) media keeping a lid on most of these activities, since they fully support the liberal governments and their plans...

    That social media is such a hit, shows so many have no idea what security is a gaffing, laffing, non-entity... (and, though better, it is not up to snuff in email, either)

    If you think you are not tracked, hacked, cracked and smacked, because of your usage of social media...

    either just wait for such tracking, hacking, cracking and smacking (especially) to hit you in your face.


    take off your rose colored (coloured) glasses and just smell the smell...

    You are all in government databases, for your tweeting, facing, etc.

    You are also there for your emailing... by the way.

    But... You are less apt to be on every criminals list, for your social networking, as to when you are not home (or are home alone)... on vacation, just made big purchase, etc...

    If you are not on social networking, or, more aware of what you should not say on said security sewer., you are still being tracked (they can find you withing 10 feet, some cases)

    Flames, hate messages, etc... ignored here... I have known of this stuff for ages, and, ignore the ignorant.

    Ignoring reporting of such, is media policy. It ruins their revenue or political purposes, to report same.

  5. John 179

    Email is so last century

    Why don’t we just phase it out?

    blah blah blah

    If past experience is any guide, the likelihood is that email will be with us for a very long time and that it is more likely to be used in tandem with social platforms than to be superseded by them.


    Ah, I get it the title is sarcastic. Hmmm. Funny.

  6. Snarky

    There are times when a new technology, product, or service displaces another one. Some people take the position that IM and its variants are doing this to email. I'm sure they have lots of great arguments.

    Let's see, 140 character messages are superior to much higher size limits, right? Nope, that' ain't it. Richness of content? No. RT v. store-n-forward? Not a chance. Privacy? Certainly not.

    OK, so zero wooden stakes in the argumentation, but there must be some reason people would try to stuff a live'n'kicking middle-ager into a coffin and pound it shut. Of course there is. They are morons.

  7. lizbit

    O Dear Please don't change it again

    I have barely managed to teach the oldies in the office how to use Outlook, lets not change anything just yet please.

  8. Matt_Lohr

    But I really want to believe Web 2.0 is all in all

    Figure 2 in the article does not include the presumed 99% dependence on email by technical and engineering organizations.

    (Pardon the gratuitous use of the phrase "Web 2.0". It's just been a while since I saw it, and I thought maybe it was feeling neglected.)

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