Win8 Hate in context

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  1. dogged

    Win8 Hate in context

    That specific context being a post to microsoft.public.win95.shellui from 1997.

    Link to relevant thread

    All this "EW I HATE TILES EW" stuff we see reminds me nothing so much as this diehard fan of progman.exe still bitching two whole years after Windows 3.11 went away.

  2. dogged

    Here's another from 1998.


    Of course, Win95 was a massive company-destroying failure so I can understand how some of you think that Win8 will destroy Microsoft exactly the same way.

  3. Not That Andrew

    People will always complain about change, that is not news, but your comparison is not entirely valid. Program Mangler was included until XP IIRC and could be set as the default shell, whereas you have to use 3rd party tools to avoid the Start Screen and there was not a jarring visual and behavioural disconnect between Win32 and Win16 programs under Win9x (apart from lack of long file name support). Myself, I always thought File Mangler was a better file manager than Explorer.

    1. sisk

      Personally my reaction to Win95 was 'Meh, whatever'. I do agree with your assessment of File Manager vs Explorer though. To this day I still don't use Explorer as a file manager if I can avoid it.

      1. 1Rafayal

        I too also felt that file manager was superior to explorer, so much so that when using Win 95(came with my PC) I would go out of the way to use it.

        It will be interesting to see what the natural progression for the current Win 8 UI will be. I am not entirely convinced that we will be stroking our desktops any time soon. Imagine having to do that at work, and if other people had been stroking your desktop as well.

        Could cause a flu epidemic.

        I am 'upgrading' to Win 8 this weekend, the pessimistic part of me went and bought the Thinix desktop gadget in advance...

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