back to article Dell wants to be more than your box provider

If you are sitting around bored at work and you happen to keep a bottle of whisky in your desk, I have a new drinking game for you. In fact, you better switch to beer. The game is simple: log into the keynotes at Dell World 2012, which is being hosted by Dell this week in Austin, Texas, and every time one of the top brass says " …


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  1. Khaptain

    Are you serious

    Michael Dell is going to partner up with Bill Clinton's organ ? I thought that was what Monica was employed to do..

  2. This post has been deleted by its author

  3. Wardy01

    Dell ... Solution

    When he gets the concept of a reliability and the basics of the term "product" i'll take him seriously when using terms like "solution".

    Until then ...

    ROFL !!

    I've never owned a dell product that lasted more than 2 years ... and I bought some high end gear from them in the past ... let me know when when this guy gets a clue !

    1. Geoff Mitchell

      Re: Dell ... Solution

      Wow, what do you do to your Dell gear that kills it in less than 2 years? I just walked out of a data centre yesterday that had a 12 year old PE2400 and two 10 year old PE2650 servers in a rack, running just fine.

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