back to article CSIRO top brass sent to anti-bully boot camp

Australia's nexus for scientific research, the CSIRO, is continuing to grapple with the fallout from allegations of widespread bullying practices through the organisation. In an internal email to all staff from the CSIRO’s CEO Dr Megan Clark distributed yesterday, the chief executive addressed concerns and outlined the steps …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Some interesting quotes

    "The case of Ruth Hall:

    Hall was a leading expert in antibiotic resistance who was involuntarily retrenched from CSIRO in

    2003. In 2005 she was elected to the Australian Academy of Science. In 2011 she won the

    McFarlane Burnet Medal of the Australian Academy of Science. According to newspaper articles

    at the time:

    • The Industrial Relations Commission stated that the forced redundancy of Ruth Hall

    “smacked of real harshness and injustice”. It “raised real issues of public interest”

    "The case of Colin Ward:

    • Three time winner of CSIROs highest honour, the Chairman’s Medal

    • Hailed as a potential Nobel Prize winner

    • The CSIRO Chairperson praised his work as “reflecting the quality of science being

    delivered by CSIRO”

    • He was involuntarily retired by CSIRO in 2006, within weeks of winning the CSIRO

    Chairman’s medal yet again

    • His work was instrumental in the discovery of the first universal flue drug, RelenzaTM, and

    the establishment of the ASX-listed company, Biota. (Market capitalisation at the time:

    $200 million)."

    "The case of Chris Strauss:

    • Strauss was a scientist at the forefront of his research field, using microwaves to carry out

    organic chemical synthesis. He designed and built one of the first microwave reactors and

    is considered a “father” of microwave chemistry internationally.

    • Strauss received numerous awards for his ground-breaking work, including the 2005

    Birch Medal, which is the highest award that the Royal Australian Chemical Institute

    (RACI) can bestow, and the RACI Inaugural Green Chemistry Award. He was the first (and

    only) CSIRO scientist to ever win the Birch Medal. That was in 2005.

    • In 2006 he was made involuntarily redundant by CSIRO.

    • Microwave reactions are today a major new field in synthetic chemistry."



  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    These cases are not unusual

    Actually, my old boss was made redundant - *after* which he was awarded his *second* CSIRO medal.

  3. bugalugs

    What about executive resposibility ?

    I wonder whether another CEO would have accepted responsibility having been in office for nearly four years ? But of course former bank directors are never to blame for anything are they.

  4. mr. deadlift


    ...because e-learning fixes e-verything.

    teaches those old e-dogs new e-tricks.


    im not really a fan of the e learning thing to cover your legal responsibilities if you couldn't tell.

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