back to article New research cuts Kepler's exoplanet count by one third

A new study has shown that the number of exoplanets – planets outside of our solar system – discovered by NASA's Kepler may be inflated by over a third. The Kepler team's "Table of confirmed planets" (their emphasis) in that spacecraft's slice of the sky now stands at 105. According to the criteria used by NASA's Exoplanet …


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  1. Martin Budden Silver badge

    Diversionary tactics.

    French sperm rates have reduced by a third, so now they want us to think about something else reduced by a third.

    Huge space balls are still way more impressive than frog's balls though.

  2. TeeCee Gold badge

    NASA's Kepler

    Who wrote the analysis software? McAfee?

    1. ravenviz Silver badge

      Re: NASA's Kepler

      No, ex-Shell employees.

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Doesn't matter

    Even with one-third less planetary candidates, there's still a whole lot more star systems with planets than we previously thought possible.

    So, how about getting those star drives ready ? We got places to go now !

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is it just me?

    The main article page reports 4 comments, but when I read them, only 3

    Is that a 33% false positive rate?

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