back to article Yahoo! slurps! teeny! video! chat! upstart!

Yahoo! has acquired tiny video chat firm OnTheAir, which will join the web firm's mobile division. The web giant's new chief Marissa Mayer made mobile a priority for reviving her company's flagging fortunes; the firm has already bought Stamped, a mobile startup that lets folks share information about restaurants and music on …


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  1. Electric Panda

    Not! sure! about! this!

    An! awful! lot! like! rearranging! the! deckchairs! on! the! Titanic! This! sounds! like! more! hipster! Web! 2.0! rubbish! that! has! been! done! before!

    1. Flawless101

      Re: Not! sure! about! this!

      Had to get in there before HP seen the value of this bleeding edge company though!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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