back to article Use a Mac? For actual work? Evernote Business has arrived

Cloud-based notepad Evernote has gone professional: it now boasts an office package with shared notebooks and smart searching for only twice the cost of a Google Docs account. Evernote Business is priced at $10 a month per employee for which staff get access to Business Notebooks that sit alongside their existing Evernote …


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  1. Gordon 10


    so let me get this right. Its costs twice as much as google docs for notes functionality that for most business purposes can only be categorised as a nice to have?

    We have MS OneNote on an enterprise license - I know 1 guy who uses it.

    1. pig

      Re: ummmm

      You have 1?

      That's 1 more than I know of here (but then, we only have 2000 employees on this site......)

    2. AceRimmer

      Re: ummmm

      I love OneNote!

      I've been using it for a couple of years now and find it's great when in the research phase of a project.

      It's also quite handy when you need to write a quick user guide and need to add in lots of screen grabs and then export the whole thing to word.

      I did use Evernote for a short while as that would sync with the phone but dropped it as soon as the OneNote app was released. OneNote has a lot more features, is more flexible and integrates nicely with the rest of the office suite.

      It is definitely a undiscovered gem in the office suite

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Something doesn't add up

    Let's see now, Google Docs supports word processing, presentation (akin to Power Point), spreadsheets, data entry forms and drawings. Also, I get Google Docs for free. However, even if I were paying $5/month for it, why would I pay $10/month to get considerably less?

    1. nuked

      Re: Something doesn't add up

      Because it's not Google?

      1. JonP

        Re: Something doesn't add up

        ... and they're not parsing all your documents to sell advertising/appease the government. Well probably not.

        1. Number6

          Re: Something doesn't add up

          Those with paranoia levels above the threshold should just avoid anything in the cloud. Encrypted links to your own servers on your own premises is the way to go. You don't necessarily stop the government gaining access, but it's much harder for them to do so without your knowledge.

    2. Alan Bourke

      Re: Something doesn't add up

      'Supports' != 'having implementations of that would satisfy the requirements of anything resembling a power user.'

    3. CollyWolly

      Re: Something doesn't add up

      Mac users are used to paying more for less.

      1. Mike Flugennock

        Re: Something doesn't add up

        I may have paid more money initially, but there were huge savings in the time spent banging my head on Windows trying to figure out why something doesn't work, or in time spent patching, or in time spent scraping viruses and rootkits out of my system.

        1. Chris Parsons

          Re: Something doesn't add up

          @Mike Flugennock

          So, you spent a lot of time scraping viruses and rootkits out of your system did you? How much time? Be honest. I support 100 Windows desktops - not massive, I know - and haven't had to do that once yet, in ten years.

          As for updates, you say that as if it were a bad thing. Do Apple not have updates? Oh, yes they do, and they constantly try to reinstall that pile of junk iTunes which I really don't want to use.

          I would love to see an honest, properly costed analysis of these 'huge savings' that people talk of, or is the reality 'I just have to have a Mac because I'm, you know, creative....'?

      2. Dana W

        Re: Something doesn't add up

        Yeah, us chumps with our great build quality and massive resale. Silly us.

  3. 0laf Silver badge

    Oh no

    Oh great more shiny toy excuses for execs.

  4. markowen58

    location, location...

    Their data policy is more favourable, so you'd be paying for them not to mine the hell out of your data to flog you stuff unlike google, but one of the hold ups my company has over yammer and similarly over this would be the location of the data and the local law enforcements ability to get at it. Not that anyone seemed to mention what we were going to do that was illegal...

  5. Scott Wheeler


    I use both Evernote and OneNote, and I develop enterprise products. I'd say that OneNote is much more enterprise friendly in that it is trivial to host shared notebooks on companies' existing MS infrastructure - no need to use a cloud-based solution, which is often a blocker.

    Having said that, I've yet to meet someone who uses shared notebooks. Are they a solution in search of a problem?

  6. Mike Flugennock

    Use a Mac? For actual work?

    Hell, yeah, since 1985. You could've easily reported this event without the gratuitous insults.

    Seriously, the snide Mac hate around here is starting to sound like the attitude of the ancient priesthood class after the Gutenberg Bibles were printed, and suddenly everybody and their cat could read the Bible and interpret it for themselves.

    Oh, and just to drag this post back on-topic: I have a notepad application already, and it doesn't rely on centralized data servage to run, and if I want to share a document, I can just email it to a cc: list. I don' need no steenkeeng cloud.

    1. elaar

      Re: Use a Mac? For actual work?

      So, you complain about the Apple hate comments AFTER you have demonstrated a bit of MS hate: "but there were huge savings in the time spent banging my head on Windows trying to figure out why something doesn't work, or in time spent patching, or in time spent scraping viruses and rootkits out of my system.".

      A sarcastic trolling title, or an outdated rant at MS, not sure which is worse...

  7. danny_0x98

    The Barely Exercised Title Option

    Use a Mac? Yep.

    For actual work? Neutral observers may disagree, but I'm going to say yes.

    Evernote Business has arrived. That's nice, but I was already getting actual work done on my Mac. I mean, well done, sincere kudos to the team, and shipped, rah, rah, but somebody on the marketing, journalism, or titling teams hasn't really done his or her job in explaining to me what I get for the subscription. My work will become more actual? My Apple will be more Mac?

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Horses for Courses

    Big fan of Evernote. Used the free version on PC, Mac, iOS & Android devices. Now on Premium, via Moleskine notebook code, which means that my stuff is stored offfline as well as online.

    Evernote Business is for small outfits who don't have techies, servers etc

    Worth a serious look & trial. Masses of material to look at on their web sites.

    Don't see Evernote as a serious competitor to Google Docs or anything else for that matter.

    Evernote Clearly on Chrome browser grabs web articles for immediate filing & is a huge time saver. Every piece of text is searchable across all Notebooks.

    This software works well & gets better with every announcement.

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