back to article Lovefilm does a Wii after rival gets loaded on new Nintendo

Britain’s eight million Nintendo Wii owners now have a reason to blow the dust off their console and power it up once more. Well, at least those of them who also happen to be Lovefilm subscribers do. According to the Amazon-owned streamer of films and TV shows, it has just released a free app on the console’s online shop. The …


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  1. Big_Ted

    Oh Woop De Doo

    Lovefilm is a total waste of time on mobile if you have android, I don't know what Amazon have been thinking not realesing an app for it, I have Netflix simply because I can watch on the tv, then continue where I left off on my talet or phone, lovefilm, just a crappy android app to try to book DVD's / Blu Rays.

    What Amazon should do is to do a bundle with Amazon Prime and Lovefilm on Android for a reasonable amount per annum of say £100 and I would switch.

    1. iGoto

      Re: Oh Woop De Doo

      Have to agree with you mate - Netflix + iptv/console/phone/tablet gives you that lounge-karzi-kitchen-bedroom continuity that LoveFilm simply doesn't have.

      It might not have AAA titles but there's enough choice to keep me happy - and there's a great Netflix Kids section as well.

    2. Jason Hindle

      Re: Very much agreed

      Device agnostic Netflix is the superior product. I've gone from laptop or tablet (iOS or Android) to the smart TV* and all this is seamless. You just carry on watching the same film.

      Even when LoveFilm launches Android streaming, I'll probably not bite since their streamed content is generally not as good (at least for me) as Netflix.

      * Because the smart TV is often being used for more important things, like watching soaps :-(.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Oh Woop De Doo

      Did you read the article? is says Wii, y'know that living room non-mobile games console.

      Some of us like watch films the big screen, not sitting at work on a lunchbreak by yourself watching a film on a phone like billy-no-mates.

  2. Lunatik

    What's that? Lovefilm on Wii?! Great! I can't wait to dig the old thing out, figure out how to plug it all in again, download the inevitable software update, download the Lovefilm app, navigate through its inevitably clunky menu system then watch stuff I've seen before in glorious 480p!

    1. Lunatik

      I forgot the step "finds batteries for the Wiimote".


    2. Bakunin

      All that effort

      Then don't. No one is forcing you.

      1. Lunatik

        Re: All that effort

        I was summarising the journey that most owners....

        Oh, just forget it.


        1. sabroni Silver badge

          Re: Oh, just forget it.

          I know you were being sarcastic.

          I just didn't think it was funny.

          At all.

    3. sabroni Silver badge

      navigate through its inevitably clunky menu system

      The Wii pointer makes menu navigation on the wii better than on standard 360 or ps3. I use mine for iPlayer even though I have a ps3 set up next to it, Wii iPlayer crashes a lot less than the ps3 one.

      Or does the fact you've stopped using something mean the rest of us should to?

      1. b166er

        Re: navigate through its inevitably clunky menu system

        Erm, since when?

        The XBox UI is very accessible using the standard XBox controller. I find it more ergonomic than using the Wiimote. I do love the Wii though

        1. sabroni Silver badge

          Re: navigate through its inevitably clunky menu system

          I'm not saying the xbox ui isn't very accessible, I'm saying a pointer that works like a mouse pointer is better than a pointer controlled by a joystick or a button highlight controlled by a joystick. In response to the original comment about wii menu's being clunky.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: navigate through its inevitably clunky menu system

        LOL, a Wiimote is easier than pressing Play on the PS3 Bluetooth Remote...

        OK then....

        I have never had iPlayer crash on my PS3, and it's also HD content......

        1. sabroni Silver badge

          Re: I have never had iPlayer crash on my PS3

          Well, mine doesn't strictly speaking crash, it's better than that. It leaves the audio streaming but puts a big black box on the screen saying something like "network error, unable to stream program", all the while leaving the audio running so you know it's lying. The wii iPlayer doesn't do this.

          Also the ps3 doesn't ship with a bluetooth remote and the wii ships with a wiimote, you're not comparing like for like.


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Lovefilm also has better content too.

    I did a NetFlix trial on my PS3 (as they gave me a fiver for doing so), and whilst the PS3 app was better, the content was considerably worse than my existing LoveFlim subscription.

    1. FanMan
      Thumb Up

      Re: Lovefilm also has better content - agreed

      Lovefilm have much more depth of content - much better for obscure movies. The organisation is a bit more scattered but I can live with that

    2. FanMan

      But no Letterman either!

      Such a blow. I'll sign up for any service with current and vintage Dave, never mind anything else.

  4. Shrimpling


    Now can they release Netflix for the 3DS here in blighty?

    Its been available in the States for ages but we seem to have been forgotten.

    1. Ryan 7

      Re: 3DS

      It's almost like they're morons who don't want the extra revenue for clicking 'release' on an app that already exists.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fragmented Content and patch Device Support

    The problem with all these services, Netflix, Lovefilm, Sky NowTV is you need to subscribe to all three of these to actually get all the content you want because of all the "exclusive" releases and licensing deals the content owners do.

    And then you have the additional problem that their software may not be compatible with you streaming device of choice, Wii, Xbox, PS3, WDTV, Smart TV, YouView, Linux HTPC, Chromebook, Android, etc.

    No wonder BitTorrent is still popular.

  6. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Glorious SD

    It's either that or beautiful marvellous HD in pause-o-vision.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Woo lovefilm

    I did netflix trial first, thought that was bad (No watchlist was such a fundamental flaw), and now on lovefilm trial. Wow, barely anything I want to watch, a stupid search that shows me DVD results when I'm not a DVD customer, no apps etc. Netflix is great in comparison. If they had more stuff I'd subscribe.

    But really, until the day comes where I can spend a reasonable amount (£15 or £20 a month) , and get access to every film or television program ever made, I'm not going to be happy with these types of thing.

  8. Richard Tobin

    Wii U

    The Wii U already has a placeholder Lovefilm application installed when you buy it. But when you try to run it, it says an update is needed, and none materialises. The Netflix application is similar, but something does get downloaded.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Netflix and Loveflim

    They are both end-of-the-line services, where movie companies can't get any more revenue for content, they end up there on their streaming services.

    Loveflim is better, it's a quid cheaper a month, it has more content, and best of all, has the disks by post option (which is WAY better than any streaming, as it's recent movies and it's at full bitrate, not the rubbish streaming bitrates).

    I just wish they would update their apps. Android streaming is missing (although clearly possible, as they seem to have magically made it work on the Kindle Fire), and NetFlix is easier to navigate (at least on the PS3).

    1. Captain Underpants

      Re: Netflix and Loveflim

      @Barry Shitpeas:

      If the best advantage of a streaming service you can suggest is that you can get the stuff sent out on physical media, it's a bit of a fail. Which, tbf, has always been Lovefilm's problem. If I wanted discs, I'd go to the surprisingly decent local DVD/Blu-Ray rental place down the road from me. Though if they've at least upped their game in the streaming stakes from the dreadful crap they used to offer at premium prices that would be something (£4 for streaming a crappy SD-res copy of a 5+year old film? Yeah, sure...)

      For me, Netflix is a better bet because while it doesn't have the depth in a lot of film content, it does have a reasonable breadth of content - including lots of stuff I'd be idly curious about but unwilling to pay for specifically - and also a substantial amount of decent, current TV series. It depends on the viewer, of course - some people will already have watched it on Sky or torrents and not see any value - but for me there's enough I haven't seen that Netflix is worth it.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Netflix and Loveflim

        Not everyone has the convenience of a store down the road or decent broadband. People in the sticks can at least watch a good film and have it delivered to them with Lovefilm.

        1. Captain Underpants

          Re: Netflix and Loveflim

          @AC 13:54

          "Not everyone has the convenience of a store down the road or decent broadband."

          Well, that's certainly true.

          Why those people would be looking to a service that chiefly markets itself as a streaming-content-delivery service these days is beyond me, though. It's also hardly like Lovefilm's selection is so good (or price so compelling) that they'd be an insta-sell compared to any of a bunch of competitors - aside from anything else, if you like arthouse film or world cinema you'd probably be better off with something like cinemaparadiso.

          As with virtually all tech, the big question is "what are you trying to do?", 'cos until you've answered that, there is by definition no answer to the question "what's the best way to do it?".

  10. Grease Monkey Silver badge

    "Britain’s eight million Nintendo Wii owners now have a reason to blow the dust off their console and power it up once more. "

    Sales of Wii games are still pretty high, so that indicates people are still using their Wiis. Why the assumption that nobody uses them anymore?

    1. LinkOfHyrule
      Paris Hilton

      ooh matron!

      I don't have time to play my with my wii much *sniggers*

      Ironically, I will probably one day fall down the stairs and brake all my bones, as you do, well as I do!, and will have weeks and weeks with bugger all to do but the only game console I own requires lots of wiggling about which isint easy to do with your limbs in plaster! So maybe Netflix and Lovefilm will mean at least the wii will have some use during that time, but I'll have to call matron to navigate the menus for me!

    2. Tim Jenkins

      Not so dusty

      The Wii attached to our 12-year-old TV (by component leads) is our main media consumption device; the kids use it for iPlayer and me and the Mrs are currently watching Breaking Bad S4 at one a night via Netflix , having just got through all the available Sons of Anarchy (even the completely bogus Oirish episodes). After that, I fancy Californication, and then perhaps Skins. In fact, now she's not zombied out in front of Downton, I don't think either of us has watched any 'broadcast' television for ages, and if it wasn't for Juniors Cartoon Network addiction we could probably do away with the Sky subs altogether.

  11. Jonathan Samuels

    Lovefilm is a latest DVD/Blueray rental business with some bonus online streaming. If you consider it that way its excellent value (compared to say Sky movies). You are not going to get the latest movies streaming not in the near future anyway

    I make it about 10 new Blueray 'rentals' + a few bonus streaming movies for around a tenner a month which seem a good deal to me

  12. squilookle

    I haven't tried LoveFilm streaming (my brother tried it and he didn't like it) but I have Netflix and, while the content might not all be new (some of it is, I just finished watching the first half of Breaking Bad S5 on there and eagerly await the second half),

    I think the amount and variety of content are absolutely excellent for the price.

    I originally chose Netflix over Lovefilm for 3 reasons:

    - Despite the fact I was very happy with the Lovefilm postal service and only left about a year or two before the streaming services came out because I had watched everything I really wanted to and was only adding things to my queue to keep the queue not empty, my mailbox was getting spammed by them asking me to go back to them, and that put me off.

    - I preferred Netflix's one charge, access everything model, to the tiers on Lovefilm and the additional charges for newer content

    - Netflix was available on more devices

    So this move goes some way to addressing one of those concerns, albeit too late. Still, I wish them luck - competition is better for all of us.

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