back to article Quickflix sheds staff, drops ads, hunts for US benefactors

Riding out the storm of sudden executive exits, rapid cash flow burn and a trading halt, Australian IPTV aspirant Quickflix now hopes it is weeks away from securing a new strategic investor. Quickflix founder and recently re-appointed CEO Stephen Langsford confirmed at the company's AGM last Friday that the company had engaged …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Cut costs easy. kill off all accept technical staff to keep things running and then spend all money on content.

    If you have all the content people want they will come based on word of mouth not marketing. Nothing like an expensive marketing campaign to get people interested who then visit the website to find no content turning them into a lost opportunity.

  2. Womble Of Wimble


    I don't use them for streaming (no client on my LG Internet TV, and who wants to watch family movies on their laptop?

    They are already *extremely* slow at turning discs around, with waits of three or four days after marking a title "returned" until the next disc arrives. I hope that the staff being shed are not the ones responsible for filling envelopes.

    They are a poor company and I only deal with them because choice is very limited here.

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